Determining the best biometric reader for an application

This guest post was contributed by Anixter. Biometric physical access control is the most secure means for allowing access due to the unique physical characteristics of every individual. Biometric physical access control solutions provide stronger authentication methods than a PIN, access card or physical keys, which can be lost or stolen and facilitate an unauthorized entry. Biometrics is the only credential that positively authenticates the person before he or she accesses a secure area. There are multiple ways of using

Australian airport to trial contactless biometric scanners for travelers

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection will soon trial “contactless” biometric technology at Sydney and Canberra’s international airports in the coming weeks, according to a report by The Straits Times. The pilot, which is a part of the federal government’s “seamless traveler” initiative, will allow international visitors to walk directly to their baggage without having to display their passports. The biometric data — which are based on faces, irises and possibly fingerprints and gait — will be matched against

Washington State University installs Morpho fingerprint scanners

Washington State University (WSU) has installed MorphoWave Tower, the OT-Morpho-developed biometric fingerprint access control system which grants access to certain buildings though a wave of a hand, according to a report by The Daily Evergreen. Following the University of Maryland’s lead in using the MorphoWave Tower at their campus dining halls, WSU’s Cougar Card Center has partnered with University Recreation to test the biometric reader as a pilot program in the Student Recreation Center. The MorphoWave Tower captures a set

DHS, TSA testing touch-free fingerprint scanners

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) has partnered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to evaluate new identity verification technology that can speed up the processing time for travelers to pass through security. In June, TSA began performing a series of proof-of-concept tests for new fingerprint technology with the help of S&T’s Biometrics Technology Engine and Apex Screening at Speed program. The touch-free scanners, developed by Advanced Optical Systems, Inc., allows travelers to use their

FPC debuts its own contactless card solution, posts video demos

Fingerprints Cards (FPC) has developed its own smart card that integrates its new ultra-thin fingerprint touch sensors for smart cards, FPC1300 series. Released in December, FPC1320 is designed to be used for initial evaluation while the smaller footprint of FPC1321 enables it to be seamlessly integrated into smart card designs as well as ensures a lower current consumption during image capture. Several customers and strategic partners have built cards integrating the FPC1300 sensors, some of which are already available on

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research develops contactless fingerprinting device

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed a new contactless fingerprinting sensing device that uses high-speed and large-volume optical coherence tomography (OCT), according to a report by IT Web. OCT is a medical imaging technique that leverages light to capture micrometer-resolution, three-dimensional images from within optical scattering media. The device, which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, can be used in the field of law enforcement and forensics. “It is important to note that

University of Maryland implements Safran’s MorphoWave at campus dining halls

The University of Maryland has implemented Safran’s MorphoWave biometric access control system at campus dining halls, according to a report by CR80 News. MorphoWave is a touchless biometric terminal that reads all four fingerprints of the hand with a single hand movement to enable access. The touchless capability allows users to remain “on the move” when passing through a control point, which is ideal for high traffic applications like a dining hall line. MorphoWave is ideal for high throughput and

University Health Care System selects RightPatient biometric patient ID system

Augusta, Georgia-based University Health Care System has implemented the RightPatient biometric patient identification system to improve patient safety, data integrity, and revenue cycle by preventing duplicate medical records, fraud, and patient identification errors. According to a company statement, University Health was pleased with the seamless integration of RightPatient into their Epic workflows and the unique ability to minimize potential patient registration errors. Nearly 50,000 University patients have enrolled in the system. Using RightPatient, patients simply take their picture and the

Sciometrics joins NIST’s contactless fingerprint capture devices research program

Sciometrics has revealed a partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop standards for image quality for contactless fingerprint capture devices such as smartphones and other mobile devices. The purpose of the partnership, a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), is to develop new methods and standards that can support evaluation of these devices by the U.S. Government for certification and use by federal agencies. Certification by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for submission of

ContinUse Biometrics receives strategic investment from Tyco

Israeli startup ContinUse Biometrics has received a million dollar strategic investment from global security systems company Tyco. According to a report in Globes, the investment will allow ContinUse Biometrics to further develop its technology and embed it into a range of solutions for Tyco’s clients around the world. According to the company’s website, ContinUse Biometrics has developed a contactless biometric sensor platform that can continuously monitor physiological state from a distance of up to several hundred meters. The sensor has