Trustonic enables Koscom SignKorea to provide multi-authentication services

Korean accredited certification authority Koscom SignKorea has selected Trustonic to enable secure multi-authentication services using PINs, biometrics, or passwords. SignKorea is developing a united authentication platform to streamline and secure online authentication for end users of services from security companies, banks and credit card issuers. As part of the project, Trustonic will secure SignKorea’s national public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates on devices. Trustonic’s application protection and secured platform solutions ensure that Koscom certificates are protected. The company’s Trusted Execution Environment

Trustonic completes NIST-issued FIPS 140-2 certification

Trustonic revealed that its cryptographic library has been validated in line with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2, which ensures that apps developed using Trustonic’s security technology meet the strict security requirements implemented by both the US government and other regulated industries. “As mobility expands, devices such as smartphones and tablets are being used to access and share government information,” said George Kanuck, SVP of sales and marketing at Trustonic. “Keeping this data secure presents challenges, especially if employees

Trustonic licenses whiteCryption’s security solutions to expand on mobile apps and IoT devices

Trustonic has licensed whiteCryption’s Code Protection and Secure Key Box software solutions, which will enable Trustonic security solutions to work on a wider range of mobile apps and IoT devices without customers having to learn or use new APIs. Trustonic, a joint venture of ARM and Gemalto, provides a hardware security platform for developers building trusted applications. The company’s Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) is an adaptable security solution that combines the best software and hardware secured solutions into a single

IDEX acquires algorithm and patents for touch fingerprint sensors, partners with Trustonic

Fingerprint sensor firm IDEX announced it has acquired a software algorithm and patents from Metadyne Software for US$4.5 million. IDEX said the acquisition will enable the company to deliver significantly improved security and user convenience for mass market fingerprint sensor solutions. The agreement includes three patent families for fingerprint ridge matching, with four granted patents, one patent pending and additional patents being filed. The acquired algorithm will enable IDEX to provide the lowest cost mobile fingerprint product in the marketplace,

HTC devices to incorporate Trustonic ‹t-base TEE

Trustonic announced that HTC will use the Trustonic ‹t-base TEE to deliver a platform on which service providers can develop enriched, simplified and expanded user experiences. The new HTC connected devices incorporating ‹t-base will ship in the first quarter of 2015. The partnership allows Trustonic and HTC to drastically simplify the mobile user experience by enabling content protection for any content on any screen, providing higher levels of security for enterprise application, and supporting new and emerging m-commerce services. “Our

Top biometrics news stories, week of August 24

Here’s a recap of most popular biometrics industry news and reports that appeared on this past week. Biometrics Week in Review: mobile biometric authentication report, SimPrints, Gates Foundation, NEC, Chams Plc, Anil Jain, EyeVerify, Trustonic, Fingerprint Cards, law enforcement biometrics market report and fingerprint access control for dispensaries in Illinois. Special Report: Mobile Biometric Authentication – This report examines how the total market for mobile biometrics will increase due to smartphone growth and the drive for password supplantation and

Trustonic, Fingerprint Cards to secure FIDO Ready biometric authentication on smart devices

Trustonic and Fingerprint Cards AB announced they have partnered to secure FIDO Ready secure biometric authentication on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The partnership centers on FPCs touch fingerprint sensors (FPC1020, FPC1021 and FPC1150) and sensor driver software that are developed to take advantage of Trustonic

Nok Nok Labs boasts new partnerships with Synaptics, Trustonic

Nok Nok Labs is having a pretty busy day. On the same day that the company launched a new authentication suite for FIDO Ready devices, it’s also announced two new partnerships: one with Synaptics, and the other with Trustonic. Nok Nok and Synaptics have partnered-up to allow Synaptics’s Natural ID fingerprint sensors to interact with the NNL Multifactor Authentication Client (MFAC). According to the two companies, this will provide a fully integrated FIDO Ready solution for smartphone manufacturers looking to add strong authentication