TSA PreCheck and TWIC enrollment available at six Maryland DOT locations

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) and MorphoTrust USA have set up IdentoGO centers to offer TSA PreCheck and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) enrollment at six MDOT MVA locations in Maryland. MorphoTrust USA, part of OT-Morpho, has enrolled five million travelers in the TSA PreCheck program, three million in the past year alone. The trusted traveler program allows U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) to quickly move through security at U.S. airports

idSoftware developing biometrics technology to support DHS port security regulations

idSoftware is one of four firms developing biometrics technology in support of the Department of Homeland Security’s stricter port security regulations, following the passing of a new rule last August mandating that incoming port personnel scan identification cards through an electronic reader, according to a report by MeriTalk. After a three-month process, DHS placed idSoftware on its Qualified Technology List of approved companies who develop port security technology. During the “detailed process”, DHS had to approve the company’s three testing

Intellicheck granted US patent for identity card biometric authentication process

Intellicheck Mobilisa announced that it has been awarded a U.S. patent that governs the two-factor fingerprint biometric identity process that authenticates an identity card with embedded fingerprint biometric information and the live biometric information of a person presenting the card. “This patent allows us to make important strides in the fast growing $25 billion fingerprint biometric marketplace,” commented Dr. William Roof, Intellicheck CEO. “Aside from its clear applicability for use with a number of Federal Government identity credentials, this patented

MorphoTrust UES and ABIS platforms get SAFETY Act certification

Identity services and solutions provider MorphoTrust USA (Safran), has achieved SAFETY Act certification on its Universal Enrollment Services (UES) and Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) platforms. According to the DHS website, the SAFETY Act provides important legal liability protections for providers of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies – whether they are products or services. The goal of the SAFETY Act is to encourage the development and deployment of effective anti-terrorism products and services by providing liability protections. According to a statement by

Congressman criticizes US port biometric security card program

In 2002, the US federal government pledged to improve port security by implementing new biometric security cards, but a full 13 years later, the DHS has failed to set guidelines on how to read these Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards, according to a report by My Fox Tampa Bay. All workers, truckers, and other individuals without an escort require a TWIC card – which are encoded with fingerprint data and other data to confirm the person’s identity — in

Intellicheck Mobilisa installs ID readers at U.S. government facility

Intellicheck Mobilisa has just won a contract and installed its ID readers at the visitor control center at a U.S. Government facility. Though the particular government facility has not been named, the company is very specific to state that it is among the nation’s “most secure facilities.” “We are honored to assist in security for one of the most well-known secure facilities in the United States. The ID readers we provided are among the most advanced ID readers in the world,”

MorphoTrust USA transitions TWIC to Universal Enrollment Services

MorphoTrust USA has announced that it has achieved Final Operational Capability for transition of the TSA’s TWIC enrollment operations to the TSA’s new Universal Enrollment Services. Specifically, MorphoTrust has transitioned 147 centers and is processing enrollments and registrations for the program, which involves the capture of biometric and biographic data. MorphoTrust has been the prime contractor for UES since 2012. The transition of the program began in April and has included new hardware and software, staff training and improved call center support.

Intellicheck Mobilisa gets TSA approval for TWIC readers

Intellicheck Mobilisa has announced its TWIC Reader Plus Models IM2610 and IM2620 have been approved by the TSA. “TSA has created a robust ID security system at port facilities by requiring the use of TWIC cards,” Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa said. “We call our product ‘TWIC Plus’ as it not only reads TWIC cards bust also scans drivers’ licenses and military IDs, matches person-of-interest lookups with law enforcement lists and authorized lists, and is capable of integrating with existing

TWIC still not suitable: GOA report

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has still has not developed a reliable system to control port access with biometric identification cards, despite a decade of work, the Government Accountability Office (GOA) has said. In reference to the Transportation Worker Identification Program managed by the TSA and USCG within the DHS, the Accountability Office has questioned findings reported to Congress by the Department of Homeland Security from a pilot test of TWICs with biometric readers. Now the federal auditors want answers. According