TBS tests its biometric access control tech with identical twins

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) recently welcomed SRF, Swiss Radio and Television broadcasting company, to demonstrate its latest biometric access control technology with identical twins. TBS demonstrated that its 3D FACE facial recognition device, 2D EYE iris recognition device and the 3D TERMINAL touchless fingerprint reader treated each individual differently, even those who seem identical to the naked eye. The demonstration was broadcasted nationally by the SRF. Apple recently admitted that its Face ID authentication feature may not be able to

DMV’s facial recognition software fails to differentiate between twin sisters

Facial recognition software used by Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles was unable to differentiate between teenage twin sisters applying for driving permits, according to a report by WBAY.com. The facial recognition software would not accept the individual identities of 15-year-old twin sisters — Alicia and Alicen Kennedy — of eastern Georgia. The Georgia Department of Drivers Services’ (DDS) program is designed to prevent individuals from obtaining a driver’s license under a false identity. Although the software is designed to recognize