Helsinki cafes test facial recognition payment system by Uniqul

A payment system developed by Finnish tech firm Uniqul that uses facial recognition will be tested in a handful of Helsinki cafes beginning in early 2015 according to a local news report. According to a report from Finland’s Yle News, Uniqul said the application recognizes a customer based on their unique facial geometry, and will make point-of-sale transactions much quicker than traditional methods involving payment cards and cash. Uniqul says it’s the world’s first facial recognition payment system. Uniqul CEO

Uniqul launches facial recognition payment system

Uniqul, a new company from Finland, has developed what it says is the world’s first facial recognition payment system. According to the company, it’s system uses military-grade algorithms and has put great focus on user experience, boasting 5-second transactions. In order to use the system, users must pre-register with Uniqul, to tie their face information to a credit card. In terms of pricing, the company has set up a monthly subscription system based on geography and proximity to Uniqul terminals in