UN Security Council Resolution calls for biometrics collection to stop terrorist travel

The UN Security Council recently passed a resolution requiring countries to collect biometric data from suspected terrorists as part of an effort to prevent terrorists from travelling. The biometric data will be compiled along with Passanger Name Record (PNR) data and Advanced Passenger Information (API) to develop watchlists of known and suspected terrorists. UN Security Council Resolution 2396 (PDF) on Foreign Terrorist Fighters addresses the risk of former ISIS members committing terrorist attacks around the world following the collapse of

Biometrics Institute and IOM collaborate to promote responsible use of biometrics

The Biometrics Institute and IOM, the UN Migration Agency, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that formalized closer collaboration on shared priorities, including promoting the responsible use of biometrics in a broad range of areas. The MoU outlines the scope of the intended cooperation and priority areas of interest. The MoU will aid the two institutions’ efforts to respond in a coordinated way to new and emerging challenges such as security requirements, accessibility to safe transport modes for migrants

UN agencies increasingly using biometric registration to target aid in conflict areas

United Nations agencies tracking displaced individuals are increasingly using biometric registration to better target aid, particularly in areas of conflict, where personal identification systems tend to be weak, according to a report by Devex. Biometric registration can help these agencies provide real-time data, limit paperwork, and improve efficiency in these regions. However, different agencies often use different systems, which can result in overlap and duplication within the registration process. For example, in northeastern Nigeria, both the International Organization for Migration

Korea Smart ID to provide fingerprint smart cards for UN

Security solutions provider Korea Smart ID (KSID) has been selected as the exclusive provider of fingerprint smart cards for the UN and affiliated organizations, according to a report by The Investor. In February, the UN International Computer Center began its search for suppliers for fingerprint recognition-based ID cards. The organization was specifically looking for solutions which would enable its employees to access their computers and grant entry to its headquarters and affiliated organizations. The KSID fingerprint smart cards and readers will be initially

Biometrics in the developing world

With just over 12 years to go to meet UN Sustainable Development goal 16.9 of providing universal legal identity by 2030, technology purpose-built for the developing world is bringing the ambition within reach. The biometrics market for the developing world, however, is distinct from that of the developed world in some significant respects, and the developing world market will have to mature for the full benefit of these advanced technologies and good intentions to be achieved. With the recognition that

UN migration agency introducing regional biometric data exchange solution

International Organization for Migration (IOM), the UN’s migration agency, is working on introducing a biometric data exchange solution to help countries around the world effectively address irregular migration, according to a report by GovInsider. Donato Colucci, senior regional immigration and border management specialist at the IOM, discussed Regional Biometric Data Exchange Solution (RBDES) earlier this month at Interpol World 2017. The policy framework is designed to combat irregular migration, which can take the form of human trafficking and migrant smuggling,

Accenture, Microsoft demonstrate digital identity prototype at ID2020 Summit

Accenture has partnered with with Microsoft and Avanade to provide blockchain and biometric technologies to support ID2020, a global public-private partnership that is working towards implementing digital identity on a global basis by leveraging secure and well-established systems. The companies have developed a blockchain technology-based identity prototype that runs on Microsoft Azure, designed to enable users to control who has access to their personal information, as well as when to release and share data. Using an advanced decentralized, or “distributed,”

Improving African biometrics market boosts Nigerian identity plan

Nigeria’s relationship with biometrics and other vendors working on its National Identity Number (NIN) program has significantly improved, along with the results according to National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Director General and CEO Aliyu Aziz. In an exclusive interview with Biometric Update last month at ID4Africa 2017 in Windhoek, Namibia, Aziz said the mix of companies supporting the program has changed since the NIMC began building its national database in 2010. Nigeria is the seventh most populous country in the

UN recommends Nigeria combine its biometric platforms to improve efficiency

The UN recommended Nigeria to combine its multiple biometric platforms to improve the overall efficiency, according to a report by Daily Trust. The UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, made the recommendation Friday when she received Nigeria’s delegates to the 50th session of the UN Commission on Population and Development in New York. Mohammed said that a central body for the biometrics would help reduce the costs of the current system and make it more manageable. “I would raise one concern

UN to adopt fingerprint recognition-based employee ID cards

The United Nations International Computing Center (UNICC) has launched the One UN Smart Card project – which plans to adopt fingerprint recognition-based ID cards for employees and affiliates at UN headquarters – via the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM), according to a report by Business Korea. Initially proposed in 2012, the project will develop and distribute ID cards to enable all UN employees working at its headquarters as well as its 37 affiliated organizations to access their computers and enter the