AOptix Technologies forms biometric identity verification unit

AOptix Technologies has announced that it has formed Terrain Biometrics, an independent division that provides identity verification solutions to customers worldwide. Under this new structure, Terrain Biometrics retains all the core product development, sales, and marketing team that was formerly referred to as the AOptix Identity Solutions business unit. The only exception is that it will now operate as a division of AOptix in an effort to focus solely on the biometrics market. AOptix Identity Solutions was originally launched within AOptix

My Verified ID partners with HealthCare Select for biometric verification

My Verified ID has announced that it will form a marketing alliance with HealthCare Select for biometric verification screening for healthcare providers. According to the companies, under the new partnership MVI will integrate into healthcare providers’ current vendor management models, as well as on-boarding practice for clinical and non-clinical staff, through HealthCare Select. “The healthcare industry ROI is impaced with 24% of resumes having discrepancies in education, 70% in employment while 30% is attributed to fake documents and false information,” MVI

Malaysian used car dealers unhappy with new biometric mandate

Second-hand car dealers in Malaysia are upset about the country’s recent Road Transport Department ruling that requires those individuals who are involved in both sides of transferring vehicle ownership to submit their biometric details, according to a report by The Star Online. Datuk Tony Khor, president of Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia, said dealers had their hopes on using the Interim Owner­ship Transfer System (STMS). This online platform enables vehicle owners to perform an ownership transfer

ETS rolls out voice biometric security for English-language tests

ETS has announced that it has now integrated voice biometric identification to its TOEFL Program for English-language tests.  Voice biometrics is being used as a part of the screening process for all TOEFL test takers, in an attempt to identify suspected impersonators. “The pilot phase of the biometric voice identification software proved it to be a major asset in identifying suspected impersonations and enabling ETS to cancel those scores before they were reported,” David Hunt, Senior Vice President, Global Education and

Kwick launches fingerprint verification system for SIM sales in Pakistan

Kwick High-Tech & Solutions has announced the launch of a new biometric device for telecom operators in Pakistan to verify the identity of its customers when making SIM card sales. According to the company, the new unnamed verification machine consists of an integrated Android device running Kwick’s own application and a fingerprint sensor. Software development and solution integration have been done by Kwick’s internal team. As of yet it is unclear which particular fingerprint sensor will be used as a part

TSWG to integrate EyeVerify verification for iOS and Android devices

EyeVerify and The System Works Group (TSWG) have announced that TSWG NetTeller Mobile Money will integrate EyeVerify’s Eyeprint Verification across iOS and Android devices. “As financial institutions increase access to consumers’ sensitive personal data and banking services on mobile devices, the need to verify the identity of users is critical,” Chris Barnett, EVP of global sales and marketing for EyeVerify said. “As we integrate with TSWG, our Eyeprint Verification will enable financial institutions using TSWG NetTeller Mobile Money to add biometric security

KeyLemon and Swissteach demo facial recognition system for student verification

KeyLemon has announced a new partnership with Swisstech AG to introduce facial recognition to Swissteach’s Global Teach online learning management system. According to the company, the Swissteach/KeyLemon system, which has so far been set up as a demo, supplements legacy username and password logins to guard access to sensitive information using 20 points of facial data. The system also features a one-way verification process that prevents face reconstruction using biometric models.  With the new system, student identities can be checked periodically

Coppel Corporation picks DigitalPersona fingerprint technology for identity verification

DigitalPersona has announced that Coppel Corporation has chosen the company’s fingerprint technology to verify customer and employee identities in more than 800 banks and 1,000 Pension Fund Offices throughout Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. “Customers like the ease of use and assured identity that fingerprint technology provides them,” Ing. Jose Gpe. Mendoza Macias, national manager of systems development for Coppel Corporation said. “The fraud-fighting benefit of knowing someone cannot purchase goods on their account is also very important to our customers.” “In

Queensland Corrective Services to deploy Argus Global biometric kiosk

The Queensland Corrective Services is set to deploy Argus Global‘s Biometric Offender Reporting Information System (BORIS) across all of its community monitoring offices and selected Police stations. According to the company, the automated self-service touch screen kiosk — which is based on the company’s smart kiosk solution — is set to be interfaced with the Department’s primary offender information management system. The BORIS system digitizes manual reporting procedures and allows parolees to present themselves without the attendance of an officer.

SpeechPro details upcoming launch of updated VoiceKey.OnePass verification platform

SpeechPro has announced the upcoming release of its newly-updated multi-biometric verification platform, VoiceKey.OnePass. According to the company, the new version of OnePass includes the ability for touchless identification, as well as static-prompted voice passphrase. This means, that when a user starts the verification process, the smartphone’s camera searches for a human face in the video stream and automatically launches the voice recording as soon as a face is detected. In addition, says the company, its new static-prompted voice passphrase feature will