Verificient to implement ID authentication/verification for online university students

Penn State and Verificient Technologies have partnered to develop the first of its kind, identity authentication and verification tool that will meet federal compliance standards for distance learners. Through the initiative, the technology will enable the university to verify whether a registered student who logs into an online course, performs individual assignments and completes the assessments is, in fact, the same student enrolled in the program. “The online education ecosystem continues to see a rise in sophisticated threats that can

Verificient Technologies signs the Student Privacy Pledge

Verificient Technologies has signed the Student Privacy Pledge developed by The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). The Student Privacy Pledge is designed to safeguard student privacy regarding the collection, maintenance and use of student personal information and is endorsed by President Barack Obama. Verificient joins several other education technology providers in signing the Student Privacy Pledge, including Amplify, Apple, Blackboard, Canvas, Google, Kahn Academy, Microsoft, Parchment, Schoology, and Turnitin. The Student Privacy

Instructure integrates Verificient’s behavioral biometrics application

Verificient Technologies, Inc. announced it has partnered with software-as-a-service firm Instructure to integrate Verificient’s multifactor biometrics behavioral application, Proctortrack, in its Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Proctortrack, which recently received its first patent, provides automated remote proctoring for distance learners taking tests online. Using a series of vision-based cues, audio cues, test data, and key-stroke patterns, Proctortrack is able to detect possible dishonest behaviors, to accurately identify the authorized user. By integrating Proctortrack into its Canvas Learning Management System, Instructure