Biometrics: An industry view

This is a guest post by Amit Desai, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing for Verint Systems. Can you confirm your postcode? What’s your mother’s maiden name? What are the first, fourth and fifty-fourth letters of your secret password? In the face of such a barrage of ‘security questions’, the logical consequence of password-based authentication, customers rack their brains for the right answers and count the digits on their fingers. It is easy for frustrations to mount. Voice biometrics offers a

Biometrics and banking, fingerprint authentication, wearables and security applications most popular this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Fingerprints Morpho has been selected by Australia’s Victoria Police to update biometric capture devices already in use and to increase the number of one-stop livescan fingerprint, palmprint and face capturing stations at up to 92 police stations across metropolitan and remote locations. The kiosks provide significant efficiency gains by allowing police to quickly and accurately collect and verify identity information. Qualcomm CEO

Guess Who? The game of authentication

This is a guest post by Amit Desai, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Verint-Systems. While we have all become used to facing a barrage of security questions whenever we wish to access our telephone banking or similar services, the frustration of forgetting the fifty-fourth letter of your secret password never lessens. Thankfully, the rise of voice biometrics promises to end the long game of Guess Who during those telephone based customer interactions. The threat of getting it wrong With

Verint Systems discusses identity authentication and fraud detection

Customer experience and engagement are crucial differentiators for a company in establishing a quality brand and generating repeat business. Providing fast and efficient customer service via call centers can often be a challenge for companies, as the sheer volume of calls and need to implement strong security measures can hinder the consumer experience. Verint Systems Inc. has improved its voice biometrics-based identify authentication and fraud detection solution, providing a faster and more seamless approach to customer identity authentication, along with

Verint Systems acquires Victrio

Verint Systems has announced that it will acquire Victrio, a voice biometrics company. The terms of this deal have not been disclosed. Verint specializes in analytics as well as software and hardware for security and surveillance markets. Victrio’s solutions combine passive voice biometrics and predictive analysis to detect fraud and authenticate users in real-time. Earlier this year, Victrio was named as a “Cool Vendor in Security” by Gartner. “We’re delighted to welcome Victrio to the Verint family and are enthusiastic