Secured Signing adds video confirmation capabilities to eSignatures

Secured Signing has expanded its identity confirmation capabilities with what it calls the world’s first use of video confirmation as part of the online signing process to deliver signed documents for proof of agreement. Available to all customers at no extra cost, Secured Signing is now offering video confirmation capabilities to improve the independent signature verification process of PKI user based digital signatures. “Our primary goal for Secured Signing is to make it quick and simple for the document signer

Valencell demonstrates wearable sensor technology at CES 2016

Valencell exclusively talked to last week about its biometric sensor integration package at at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. According to Ryan Kraudel, the firm’s Vice President of Marketing, Valencell develops high-performance biometric sensor technology and licenses its patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile device and accessory makers, sports and fitness brands, gaming companies, first-responder and military suppliers for integration into their products. Valencell’s PerformTek-powered sensor technology is reportedly the most accurate wearable biometric sensor

Panasonic demonstrates facial recognition platform at Security Canada Expo

At Security Canada Expo held last month in Toronto, Panasonic product specialist Rui Barbosa performed a video demonstration of the Panasonic facial recognition analytics platform WV-ASF900. Panasonic’s latest facial recognition analytics platform offers a range of capabilities, including face matching, face searching, people counting, and age and gender statistics for video surveillance systems. The solution can be used for surveillance to safeguard areas, as well as for retail and marketing applications. The PC-based platform can support up to 20 face

Hoyos Labs demonstrates four-finger smartphone solution

Hoyos Labs recently exhibited at the Biometrics2015 event in London, UK and Dr. Francis Mather, director of computer vision, gave Biometric Update a demo of its new four-finger smartphone solution, 4F ID. Hoyos Labs’ biometric 4F solution captures four fingerprints on a smartphone simultaneously, providing a high level of security and “touchless four-finger acquisition with 150 degrees of freedom,” according to Hoyos Labs. Most impressive, Hoyos Labs claims it provides roughly the same quality scanning as a $2,000 flatbed scanner.

JENETRIC demonstrates LIVETOUCH quattro

JENTRIC is a new biometrics capturing company based in Germany and recently exhibited at Biometrics 2015 in London. was onsite to spend some time with co-founder Dirk Morgeneier for a video demonstration of what the company touts as the world’s smallest ID flat scanner, LIVETOUCH quattro. BiometricUpdate recently wrote about JENETRIC’s fingerprint sensor combining user display and fingerprint capture.

Unique Biometrics demonstrates iris recognition technology

Unique Biometrics exhibited at Biometrics 2015 this fall, and BiometricUpdate was onsite to spend some time with Founder and CEO Nithin Kumar for a video demonstration the company’s new USB iris scanner, Hummingbird 1.0, designed and assembled in the USA. The website describes it as ideal for integrating iris recognition capabilities to existing applications such as prison management, border security, immigration, banking, healthcare, and other identity management programs requiring collection and verification of iris data. Unique Biometrics also offers software

Facial recognition, video forensics bolster human expertise

This is a guest post by Robert Sprecher, Program Director for Face Recognition and Video Analytics for MorphoTrak. Thanks to rapid advances in facial recognition and video forensics, criminals and terrorists are finding that technology is increasing the likelihood of their rapid apprehension. Video forensics, which is the review of video evidence, and especially the emerging science of facial recognition are undergoing accelerated development in application and effectiveness. Although both technologies have been available in some form for decades, their

Securus patents facial recognition system for video visitation sessions

Securus Technologies announced it has received a U.S. patent for a facial recognition system that can electronically capture, analyze and identify participants of a video visitation session. The facial recognition system identifies and confirms that the person participating in the visitation session is actually the same individual previously authorized by an enrollment and subsequent sign-on process. The system is able to identify additional “persons of interest” that are captured on the video or still frame of an IFD (Intelligent Facility

AMD demonstrates beta software that organizes videos using facial recognition

Semiconductors firm AMD demonstrated new software at CES 2015 that uses facial recognition technology to enable users to organize and search video clips based on the people featured in them, according to a report by Tom’s Guide. AMD executive Richard Gayle demonstrated how the beta software, tentatively named AMD Content Manager, uses facial recognition to browse through a group of local videos to find specific faces. The top left corner of the application has an index that displays all the

Researchers develop way to identify first-person filmmakers from the camera wobble

Two researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a way to identify first-person filmmakers based on the wobble of their cameras, according to a report by The Verge. Professor Shmuel Peleg and Yedid Hoshen recently published their results in a paper titled “Egocentric Video Biometrics”, where it details how you can distinguish one person from another by analyzing an individual’s gait, or the unique pattern of their body movements. The researchers tracked the “optical flow” of objects and