Cognitec adds video investigation tools to FaceVACS-DBScan product

The latest release of Cognitec’s FaceVACS-DBScan product combines the company’s image database search technology with video inspection tools for a multitude of investigation use cases. According to a statement from the German face recognition company, FaceVACS-DBScan LE enables fast import of video footage and detailed investigations of extracted facial images allowing police to quickly narrow down suspect investigations. The investigation can reveal, for example, if a suspect was seen in various locations within a set time window, always with the

Anixter to discuss smart building applications on Science Channel

Anixter International will provide an update on smart building technology on a new Science Channel series, Tomorrow’s World Today. Anixter will discuss current and future smart building applications including access control, video surveillance, facial recognition and other technologies that can be utilized in any environment whether it is in a commercial building, theme park, stadium or classroom. Tomorrow’s World Today is a new technology-inspired television program dedicated to exploring topics such as sustainability, educating viewers on new technology, and showcasing

Romania’s busiest international airport upgrading CCTV, adding facial recognition

The National Airport Company in Bucharest is planning an EUR 8.8 million upgrade of the coverage of the CCTV system at the Henri Coanda Airport. According to a Business Review report, the upgrade will include a facial recognition and automatic license plate number recognition solution, as well as an extension of the area covered by video surveillance. The CCTV system will be extended to areas currently not covered including public areas, technical areas, airport platforms, lounges and any other areas

Detroit police adding facial recognition to video crime monitoring program

Detroit police are adding facial recognition software into the department’s Project Green Light video crime monitoring program. Project Green Light launched last year in neighborhood gas stations to help deter and solve crimes. Participating businesses invest to equip their stations with high-definition interior and exterior video cameras, enhanced lighting systems, a highly visible green light and signs. The partnership links the live video feed from each of the stores to the Detroit Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center. According to

DNA analysis techniques could dramatically improve facial recognition accuracy

The techniques of genomic analysis could be applied to facial recognition to substantially increase accuracy, according to an article by Associate Professor of Pattern Recognition at Kingston University Jean-Christophe Nebel in The Conversation. Nebel sights the use of facial recognition by UK police at the Notting Hill Carnival in August, which resulted in approximately 35 false matches and one “erroneous” arrest, as typical of the accuracy limitations of current facial recognition technology when dealing with “real-life situations.” The effectiveness of

BrainChip to deliver AI object search and facial recognition for municipal project

BrainChip Holdings has been chosen to provide its AI-powered object search and facial recognition technology in a new large municipal deployment of video surveillance and video analytics. BrainChip Studio’s object search and facial recognition capabilities will initially be deployed in 11 pilot locations during Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, with broader deployments scheduled later in 2018. The project, which has a potential value of more than US$1.2 million, comprises of over 4,000 cameras across several towns and cities in France.

BrainChip set to drive sales of AI-based video analytic solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies developer BrainChip Holdings announced that Thomas Stengel has joined the company as Vice President of Americas Business Development. Stengel’s appointment comes as the company launches BrainChip Studio, a commercially available integrated software suite for pattern and facial recognition analytics. Stengel is responsible for driving sales of BrainChip’s spiking neural network AI technology into OEM partners and end users in the video surveillance, server, and storage markets in the Americas. “Artificial intelligence and neural

NEC face recognition engine conducts rapid crowd video capture

NEC’s NeoFace Accelerator is a PCI Express low profile board with rapid face authentication capabilities based on 4K video acquisition and face matching with an existing photo database, according to a report by eeNews Europe. Drawing up to 25W and measuring 68.9×167.65mm, the board can track many individuals from a crowd of hundreds as they walk throughout large venues, transit stations or shopping centres. NEC says its face recognition engine is powered by Intel Arria 10 field programmable gate arrays

Neurotechnology adds face recognition, tracking to video surveillance systems; researchers win competition

Neurotechnology has released SentiVeillance Server, a ready-to-use solution that integrates with surveillance video management systems (VMS). SentiVeillance Server is based on the company’s deep neural network technology for facial recognition from surveillance camera video, giving a VMS advanced capabilities, including the ability to quickly and accurately recognize faces in video streams and trigger analytical event notifications whenever the system detects an authorized, unauthorized or unknown individual. The new capabilities significantly improves the workflow of VMS operators so that they can

Dublin Airport looking to increase use of its CCTV cameras

In an effort to help improve security and safety, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) is looking to increase use of its CCTV cameras to monitor passengers in real time, according to a report by The DAA is on an information-gathering exercise regarding CCTV video analytics technology to transform its network of cameras from an “image capture” system to an “intelligent and effective detection and alert” system. The DAA is currently inviting companies to suggest possible applications for 1,400 cameras