Vivo demos smartphone with integrated Synaptics under-display fingerprint sensor at CES

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo is demonstrating an under-display optical fingerprint sensor provided by Synaptics in its flagship phone at CES 2018, the Verge reports. The sensor takes longer both to enroll and to verify a fingerprint, according to the Verge, but not excessively so, even compared to the near-instant results of many leading fingerprint scanners, and the user experience was reported to be very satisfactory. The sensor area is illuminated to guide finger placement when in use, but is otherwise

Vivo and Qualcomm working to improve mobile phone biometrics

Vivo has signed a $4B USD memorandum of understanding with Qualcomm that encompasses technical partnership and patent sharing in mobile-related technologies including biometric authentication. At MWC Shanghai this July, Vivo unveiled the Vivo Under Display fingerprint scanning solution based on Qualcomm fingerprint sensors. Vivo will continue to work with Qualcomm on research and development in the biometrics spaces, particularly 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, iris scanning and other biometric technologies, to improve the ease-of-use and security of mobile phone