Pindrop voice authentication solution certified by Amazon Connect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has certified Pindrop’s fraud detection and authentication capabilities for use with Amazon Connect, enabling customers to secure call centers with Pindrop’s self-service integration, according to a Monday announcement. Pindrop’s certified native integration with Amazon Connect’s cloud-based contact center enables customers to establish risk scores and authenticate callers. The company is one of the first APN Partners for Amazon Connect. As previously reported, Pindrop research shows call center fraud has increased by over 100 percent year-over-year, and

AimBrain biometric authentication app available for BlackBerry Dynamics users

AimBrain announced that its biometric authentication app is now available on the BlackBerry Marketplace to BlackBerry Dynamics users. The AimBrain Authenticator app incorporates voice and facial biometric verification modules and can enhance mobility security and improve enterprise workflow by replacing passwords with biometric data. A free pilot is available. “AimBrain is a timely and welcome addition as an ISV Partner, joining our rapidly growing developer and enterprise application ecosystem,” said Mark Wilson, SVP and Chief Evangelist at BlackBerry. “Biometric authentication

Mobile Payment Forum of India to intro voice authentication

The Mobile Payment Forum of India (MPFI), a think tank, is looking to introduce several new user-friendly features such as voice biometrics authentication, according to a report by The Economic Times. As part of a joint initiative of the Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, Hyderabad and Rural Technology Business Incubator, IIT Madras, the think tank strives “to enable mobile payments and financial services through secure, efficient and low-cost transactions.” MPFI helped develop interoperability and security standards for

inBay to integrate VoiceTrust voice biometrics into authentication platform

Authentication solutions developer inBay Technologies has partnered with VoiceTrust by integrating VoiceTrust’s voice biometric identification capabilities into inBay’s multi-factor ‘passwordless’ authentication solution. inBay’s idQ TaaS is a highly reliable and scalable mutual identity assurance platform that enables companies to employ multi-level, multi-factor ‘passwordless’ authentication and delegated authorization solution. “I’m excited to announce our collaboration with VoiceTrust,” said Shane Young, president and CEO of inBay. “This collaboration will see two complementary technologies enhance each company’s solution. It will let inBay add

Worldpay report finds 63% of consumers willing to use biometric authentication

Worldpay has published a new report on consumer habits that finds that shoppers are becoming more comfortable using biometrics to pay when shopping, with fingerprint payments leading the way as the most popular biometric identification method, according to a report by The study found that 63 percent of consumers want to be able to use biometrically authenticated payments when shopping, while 69 percent said they would be most open to using fingerprint recognition. Apple announced recently that its newer

Enacomm to resell Clinc AI banking platform

Enacomm, Inc. has signed a new reseller agreement with Clinc, Inc. to deliver Finie — the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform for banking — to financial institutions across the country. As a preferred partner of Clinc, Enacomm will help extend the reach of the company’s financial AI technology, which enables users to have natural, human-like conversations with their bank accounts. Clinc’s platform uses best-in-market AI to understand natural human language and delivers timely, customized responses, ranging from insightful spending advice

Daon to provide biometric authentication services for Visa platform

Daon has been selected by Visa to provide biometric services for the credit issuer’s Visa ID Intelligence platform. The platform allows financial institutions, developers and commerce partners to access authentication technologies, giving consumers secure, seamless and convenient methods to shop, pay and bank on their mobile devices. Visa’s new streamlined experience allows users to receive near-instant card account application and approvals, as well as secure payments. “Daon is proud to partner with a technology innovator like Visa,” said Tom Grissen,

Aware introduces Knomi mobile biometric framework

Aware announced the launch of its Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework on Thursday. Knomi consists of SDKs that work together on a mobile device and server to replace passwords with multifactor authentication. Modalities currently available with Knomi include face recognition, voice recognition, and a simultaneous combination of face and keystroke dynamic recognition. Voice recognition was also recently added to Aware’s Nexa search and match SDKs. Knomi provides high accuracy and speed performance with Aware’s algorithms, and prevents several types of

Researchers using wearables to increase voice authentication security

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed new technique that allows wearables — such as a security-token necklace, ear buds or eyeglasses — to be used to eliminate vulnerabilities in voice authentication, according to a report by Researchers call sound an “open channel” that can be easily duplicated by novice impersonators and skilled hackers alike. “Increasingly, voice is being used as a security feature but it actually has huge holes in it,” said Kang Shin, the Kevin and

NICE recognized by Opus as leader in biometric authentication, fraud detection

NICE has been recognized by Opus Research as one of the top tier vendors in both authentication and fraud detection using voice biometrics. The company was noted for the breadth of its contact center solutions and the depth of its integration capabilities, as well as for consistently executing its strategic vision. NICE was one of 19 companies evaluated in Opus Research’s 2017 Voice Biometrics Intelliview report, in which the company’s fraud prevention solutions were recognized for their robustness, such as