GTL’s biometric security patent deemed valid, paves way to request restart of $100M infringement lawsuit

Global Tel*Link (GTL) announced that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the decision of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) validating all claims of GTL patent 7,853,243, which paves the way for GTL to request a Texas Federal judge to restart a $100 million infringement lawsuit against Securus Technologies. The move comes more than seven months after the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) ruled in favor of Securus Technologies regarding GTL’s patent invalidation

Technavio report explores trends affecting voice recognition market for smartphones in the US

Technavio recently published a report entitled “Voice Recognition Market for Smartphones in the US 2015-2019“, which analyzes the emerging trends expected to influence the voice recognition market for smartphones in the US. The research firm’s analysts state that the top three emerging trends impacting the voice recognition market for smartphones in the US are voice recognition software becoming a personal assistant, data security and privacy issues, and the integration of voice verification with speech recognition. “The market size for voice

Worldcore payment platform using voice biometrics for authentication

EU-regulated global payment platform Worldcore is using voice biometrics to securely authenticate clients. The voice biometrics solution, called VoiceKey, can be used for account access and payment confirmation. VoiceKey analyzes over 100 parameters of a voice to “fight fraud and simplify account access,” says Alexey Nasonov, founder and CEO of Worldcore. After opening a Worldcore payment account, the client records a voiceprint by saying one of phrases containing 10-12 syllables that are 3-4 seconds long. Once enrolled, the client will

Virginia DOC to deploy Track Group voice biometrics solution

Tracking solutions firm Track Group, Inc. announced it has signed a US $11.3 million contract with the Virginia Department of Corrections to provide electronic monitoring services across the full range of sentences under the department’s guidance. Under the terms of the contract, Track Group will provide GPS and biometric voice verification solutions designed to monitor over 16,000 offenders and defendants. Track Group’s end-to-end location monitoring and predictive behavioral solutions are designed for use by security, law enforcement, corrections, and rehabilitation

GTL adds voice biometrics to inmate telephone platforms

Global Tel*Link announced it has released Voice IQ, a new feature available for its inmate telephone platforms that uses voice biometrics to track and verify the identity of inmates and prevents fraud. Patented by GTL as a “Telecommunication call management and monitoring system with voiceprint verification,” Voice IQ uses natural language speaker verification tools to develop a voiceprint profile for each inmate and enrolls that print in a database to cross-match against it in future calls. Voice IQ differs from

Uber to implement safety measures that will use biometrics and ‘scientific analysis’ to screen drivers

Uber announced in a blog post this week it is currently conducting a “global review” of its safety measures with plans to introduce new safety initiatives in the new year, following recent lawsuits that allege the company made false claims about the safety of its App-based car service, according to a report by the LA Times. In an official blog post titled “Our Commitment to Safety”, Uber global safety head Phillip Cardenas said the company would “build new safety programs

VoiceVault to support Mandarin Chinese voice verification in mobile apps

VoiceVault announced it is now offering phrase-based voice verification in Mandarin Chinese. The announcement comes at a time where there is a significant demand for voice biometrics in mobile applications from organizations in China. In this latest, soon-to-be-released version of VoiceVault ViGo, customers will be able to offer support for custom Mandarin Chinese phrases as well as phrases in other languages. “This is a great step forwards for the voice biometrics industry,” said Tim Furnell, CTO at VoiceVault. “We’re excited

SpeechTEK 2014

August 18-20, 2014 New York, NY The Smart Customer Interaction Event Enterprises succeed or fail based on interactions with their customers. If customers are able to obtain the information they need and purchase goods and services they want, the enterprise will be successful. This year’s SpeechTEK program concentrates on how to automate interactions between businesses and customers using the latest technologies. Understanding how to use these technologies to design, implement, and deploy automated or semi-automated customer interaction systems is key

An introduction to voice biometrics

Learn how voice biometrics provides more secure and convenient authentication than passwords, PINs, and security questions. Over $50 billion is lost each year because of identity theft, with banks, insurance companies, and healthcare providers being the most heavily affected industries. This whitepaper takes a closer look at voice biometrics, how it is being used across various industries, and why it offers more secure identity verification than knowledge-based authentication approaches. Download the free whitepaper to learn: – What is voice biometrics

VoiceTrust secures major new customers in 2012

VoiceTrust has announced that in 2012 it successfully secured major new customers and several pilot projects in North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle-East. The company’s new customers and pilot projects include a major U.S.-based bank, Irish Bank, global US-based apparel manufacturer, European insurance provider, European government agency as well as several financial service providers and a Telco in the Middle-East. VoiceTrust is a voice biometrics and digital payments company based in Dubai. The company’s voice biometrics platform can