Warwick Warp announces new deployment of its fingerprint matching technology

Forensic Comparison Software Company has successfully deployed the Warwick Warp AFIS Core Matching Engine. Warwick Warp fingerprint matching technology is available as an SDK and enables integrators and developers to incorporate highly accurate fingerprint matching into their solutions. “By partnering with Warwick Warp we have been able to deliver innovative solutions to our clients,” explained Founding Director of Forensic Comparison Software Company, John Moloney. “Powered by Warwick Warp’s innovative Core Matching Engine, we have recently implemented the first National AFIS

Warwick Warp launches new fingerprint SDK

Warwick Warp has just announced the launch of its new LiveScan fingerprint matching SDK. According to the company, the new LiveScan v4 SDK provides significant improvements in matching speed and now includes MINEX and STQC-certified algorithms as a standard. In addition, says the company, v4 also comes with either low or high-speed FBI certified WSQ codecs. “Our new LiveScan v4 SDK represents a major development for Warwick Warp. Not only is it up to 50% faster, but it enables us to

Warwick Warp gets STQC accreditation

Warwick Warp’s fingerprint feature extractor has now been certified by the Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate in India. According to the company, this fresh certification was obtained in cooperation with Anaxee Technologies, Warwick Warp’s strategic partner in India. As we’ve reported, STQC certification is a requirement for biometric authentication in India’s Unique Identity Authority’s Aadhaar project and Warwick’s feature extractor will be used with a fingerprint scanner for authentication within the program. “I was delighted when I heard we

Warwick Warp Technology gets MINEX certification

Warwick Warp has just announced that its fingerprint feature extractor has received full certification in the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX). “We are absolutely delighted to receive this important certification.” Stewart Hefferman, CEO of Warwick Warp said. “Receiving MINEX certification provides assurance to our customers that our fingerprint feature extractor meets international and government standards.  It also opens up exciting new opportunities for government applications and demonstrates our continued investment in R&D.” The MINEX