Javelin report explores impact of IoT, biometrics on financial services

Javelin Strategy & Research has published a new whitepaper that discusses how the Internet of Things (IoT); connected payments from IoT devices; and new banking technologies, such as biometrics, are affecting the financial services industry. Published in association with PSCU, “The Credit Union Guide to Opportunities in IoT, Biometrics and E-commerce” projects there will be over 50 billion connected devices employed worldwide by 2020, which represents a massive opportunity for credit unions. The paper also gives insight into the future

AimBrain whitepaper focuses on biometric identification as-a-service

AimBrain published a new whitepaper focusing on the benefits of moving authentication from on-device to cloud. The whitepaper, Cloud Authentication & Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS), emphasizes that BIDaaS offers the go-to model for a seamless customer journey, greater security and more accuracy in building a biometric profile of a user. AimBrain founder and CEO Andrius Sutas said that migrating to a BIDaaS model deliver benefits beyond simple cost savings when compared to today’s authentication processes. “Relying purely on device-based authentication

Novetta whitepaper analyzes Amazon facial recognition service

Novetta has released a new whitepaper titled “Amazon Rekognition: Quick-Look Biometric Performance Assessment“, which analyzes the biometric performance of Amazon’s machine learning-based face recognition service. With its relatively low cost, ease of implementation, and use of deep learning, Amazon Rekognition has gained significant traction in government and commercial applications. The whitepaper Novetta provides several new insights into Amazon Rekognition performance. For instance, the machine learning-based facial recognition service is able to correctly identified about 90 percent of subjects against relatively small

EyeLock white paper discusses biometric authentication in the cloud

​​​EyeLock has released a new white paper titled “What You Should Know About Biometrics in the Cloud”. The white paper discusses the challenges caused by biometrics in the cloud as well as how EyeLock’s new biometric protection system BioDentity Suite helps to address these issues. Authored by Christopher Ream, chief information security officer at EyeLock, the paper emphasizes the importance of identity protection in maintaining security as applications and devices shift from the enterprise network to the cloud. In December,

Special Report: Biometrics and Border Security

This white paper provides an update concerning the application of biometrics to border security. Biometrics Research Group, Inc. expects continued growth of biometrics usage for border security by the U.S. government. The ongoing effects of these requirements are that other countries will also require enhanced travel documents that encapsulate biometrics. The European refugee and migrant crisis will also increase biometric usage at international port-of-entries. Our Special Reports are sponsored by leading firms within the biometrics sector and this report is

IBIA releases white paper on biometric entry-exit at U.S. ports of entry

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) has released a new white paper titled “Closing the Loop: Completing Biometric U.S. Entry-Exit” that outlines the growing need for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to partner with the biometrics industry and fulfil its longstanding mandate for biometric exit. In a statement, the IBIA says that the threat environment is changing worldwide and demands a new approach to border controls and national security and that biometrics are a critical tool for fighting

NIST releases white paper on biometric authentication

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently issued a whitepaper that examines biometric authentication. The whitepaper examines NIST’s intention to draft a framework that will support a greater understanding of the strength of authentication technologies used in identity management systems. According to the white paper, “such a framework will provide a methodology to compare authenticators and allow a determination to be made on the selection of appropriate authenticators that are commensurate with assessed risk. In addition to providing a

Mobey Forum publishes biometrics in payments paper

Mobey Forum has published a new whitepaper entitled “Biometrics in Payments: Touching Convenience”, which focuses on the applicability of biometrics as a method of identification, authentication and authorization for services in mobile banking and payments services. The study is based on a survey Mobey Forum conducted earlier this year that questioned 235 respondents from Europe, North America and the Middle East — 59% of which were from banks and other financial institutions and 32% were from solution providers. In the

New white paper highlights how biometrics could improve air travel

Tascent, Inc. has published a new white paper, “A New Golden Age for Air Travel,” which looks at a handful of ways in which biometrics technology can be implemented to improve the air travel experience for passengers. The specific requirements of the aviation industry simplifies the process of deciding which technology to implement. For example, iris recognition could expedite processes throughout the airport, including self-service bag drop, self-service airplane boarding and automated frequent-flier lounge entry, according to the report. Additionally,

Biometrics Institute releases top 10 vulnerability questions paper

The Biometrics Institute released its new guiding paper, “Top 10 Vulnerability Questions”, to its members and key stakeholders, which helps to clarify some of the commonly asked questions regarding the spoofing of biometrics. “We have been following the research of fake biometrics very closely and with great interest,” said Isabelle Moeller, CEO of Biometrics Institute. “Most recently claims have been made that you can steal fingerprints with only a camera as presented at the Chaos Computer Club Conference in Germany