AUTONOMOUS Security solution stops financial hemorrhage

The next generation in Biometric Identity Access Management. Truly secure, reliable and potentially superior to current practices of personal, face to face observation of a live person along with his/her picture ID and other formal credentials. Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership TCO. Expedites the Return on Investment ROI.

Passphrase or natural speech authentication – how voice biometrics bring security and convenience to mobile devices

KIVOX Mobile 5.0, as part of the KIVOX product family, for the first time in a single Voice iD engine provides a wider set of authentication options based on the level of security required. The new 5.0 version includes a text-independent mode that complements the fixed phrase authentication option. Speaking naturally, users can now authenticate using short natural speech commands in any language. KIVOX Mobile 5.0 can be embedded locally on devices for added security and privacy or used in

Sensormatic to resell CMITech iris recognition cameras in Turkey

Iris recognition technology firm CMITech Company, Ltd. has entered a reseller and system integration agreement with Sensormatic Güvenlik Hizmetleri Tic. A.S., and its distribution affiliate, Y3K Güvenlik Teknolojileri A.S. for the exclusive territory of Turkey. Under the agreement, Sensormatic also retains non-exclusive rights to resell CMITech’s solutions in the Middle East region. Sensormatic will actively promote CMITech’s entire line of iris recognition cameras to end users in all market segments as an integral part of their identity management solution strategy.

Italian data protection authority introduces new privacy rules on biometric data

Italian data protection authority, the Garante, recently issued a new set of privacy rules designed for facilitating the processing of biometric data, according to a report by Gaming Tech Law. With the Internet of Things technologies and specifically biometric wearables significantly relying on the processing of biometric data, the Garante has introduced the new rules to aid companies in developing these technologies. First, the provision to the data subject of a privacy information notice must now list key information, including

Cross Match Technologies and DigitalPersona Make First Appearance as “Crossmatch”

Cross Match Technologies and DigitalPersona, which merged in April, have debuted a new, unified brand identity, “Crossmatch”, at CARTES Paris 2014, a prominent digital security industry conference. According to its announcement, Crossmatch launched the new company name and logo on Tuesday, as well as a website that reflects its new brand identity for the first time. “The integration process moved quickly because the two companies were highly complementary in terms of product portfolios, service offerings, market coverage and strategic focus,”

Fujitsu launches smartphone and tablet with FPC1080 swipe fingerprint sensor

Fujitsu has launched a new smartphone, along with a new Android tablet embedding FPC1080 swipe sensor technology. Fujitsu’s new Arrows NX F-02G smartphone and the Arrows Tab F-03G tablet are both embedded with Fingerprint Cards AB’s FPC1080 swipe sensor technology. With its low power consumption, as well as hardware integrated support for regular image capture, navigation (motion estimation) and automatic finger detection mechanisms, FPC1080 is ideal for portable devices. “We are proud to see more and more products being launched

NIST conducting tattoo recognition technology challenge

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is inviting all interested commercial and academic organizations to participate in advancing research and development of automated image-based tattoo matching technology. Entitled “Tattoo Recognition Technology – Challenge (Tatt-C)” the project will assess how capable image-based tattoo recognition algorithms are in detecting and retrieving tattoos. Tattoos have long been used by law enforcement to help identify criminals and victims, as well as for investigative research purposes. However, the ANSI-NIST-ITL 1-2011 standard that is used

Identity management distributor IDtech360 launches operations

IDtech360 announced that it has formerly launched its biometric-based access and identity management operations. Offering the latest fingerprint, palm vein, facial, and iris technologies, IDtech360 will provide hardware and software components and solutions to end user organizations, systems integrators, and security solution providers. Initially, the Homewood, Alabama-based company will focus specifically on the higher education marketplace. IDtech360 founder and CEO Seth Miller has significant expertise in the global biometrics market, having previously served as director of international business development for