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Multifactor autonomous identity authentication

A new design using only video imaging device eliminates the need for various stationary hardware and proxy devices, typical with…


Single lens extended depth-of-field technology makes iris authentication more practical and convenient

In today‚Äôs iris image capture technology, the limitation of Depth-of-Field is the main problem for traditional iris recognition systems. Reducing…


How to procure a livescan system: an objective guide for decision-makers

This guide is intended to help you clearly define your assumptions and requirements in order to create an RFP (Request…


Morpho white paper – face recognition

In an effort to answer the increasing number of questions being put forward, this document presents face recognition in general,…


An introduction to voice biometrics

Learn how voice biometrics provides more secure and convenient authentication than passwords, PINs, and security questions. Over $50 billion is…


Protecting the full stream of mobile security

Enhanced Mobile Security using Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication Contents: 1. The Rise of Mobile Computing 2. Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication 3. The…

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