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Use Of Hidden Cameras In Casinos Increasing


The audience of the “Las Vegas” TV series quickly learned about the usefulness of hidden cameras placed in inconspicuous places in and around the casino. The purpose of the cameras is meant to capture scammers and cheaters.

On the flip side however, cheaters have embraced modern technology by also capitalizing on hidden cameras for their scams. Gambling syndicates have spread globally from Las Vegas to Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Macau, scamming casinos.

It is known that hidden cameras have been used to cheat at baccarat through “card-cutting schemes.” Hidden cameras are placed under the sleeve to record the value and suit of each card. A memory card in a miniature camera gathers the information and bets are carried based on the information gathered from the pre-recorded sequence of cards. This is just one of the methods concocted by cheaters.

However, the threat does not end there, as the casinos also need to confront the growing number of employees that steal from them. Casinos thus use hidden cameras to see if employees aid criminals during their scams and also as deterrent against theft.

Moreover, as casinos expand their retail operations to include shops, bars, restaurants, lounges, stores, and entertainment centers, the number of hidden cameras will multiply to ensure patron security.

Video footage derived from hidden cameras as a result has been used in verifying or making arrests and even prosecuting casino crimes. Thus, it is not surprising if the use of hidden cameras in casinos is increasing. For the most part, hidden camera software will improve its use of enhanced facial recognition, to make it a more potent tool in protecting casinos from crime.

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