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Animetrics Introduces Investigative Facial Recognition Tool for Police


Animetrics recently introduced a new powerful facial biometric tool for local, state and federal law enforcement called “ForensicaGPS”. It is powerful because of its advanced features, which allows law enforcement to identify criminal suspects faster and more accurately as it compares multiple images. It can even identify criminal from low-resolution photos or video surveillance.

“ForensicaGPS enables law enforcement professionals to quickly, efficiently and accurately compare, analyze and ultimately verify digital facial images from grainy surveillance photos or videos where a suspect’s face is often shielded or distorted,” said to Paul Schuepp, President and CEO of Animetrics.

Matching visual data with criminal databases, ForensicaGPS is able to identify more suspects with more speed and accuracy as it translates low-resolution 2-D images into 3-D images using Animetrics’ patented face recognition technology. It also has the capability to convert video frames into ID ready images, which makes it easier to compare images using Animetrics FaceR™ Identity Management Solutions, criminal databases or third-party facial recognition systems. It is able to analyze and compare up to five images of a suspect with the software itself providing precise comparative analysis using identifying features like scars, moles, tattoos and distance measurements between facial features.

Animetrics is now partnering with DataworksPlus and BI2 Technologies, to deliver and install ForensicaGPS to police and sheriff’s departments in the U.S. In Europe, the firm has tapped UNIDAS Germany and UMC Forensics GmBH in Switzerland. ForensicaGPS has also been installed in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Will facial recognition tool ever reach the level of sophistication that see in popular TV shows and movies?

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