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Cross Match unveils new fingerprint scanners


Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a global provider of biometric identity solutions, launched its next generation Guardian fingerprint scanners today.

The original Guardian line set the standard for ten-print scanning in 2007 when the Guardian FW was selected for the U.S. VISIT program. It continues to play a significant role in support of numerous national security missions and programs within the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and State, as well as various foreign governments.

Both new Guardian and Guardian IP scanners incorporate FlexFlat and FlexRoll capture modes, providing a more user-friendly way to capture both flat and rolled fingers anywhere on the platen. In addition, a new optical design allows for high quality image capture regardless of whether a subject’s hands are wet or dry. The Guardian’s new intelligent user interface and screen intuitively prompt a user through all necessary steps by indicating finger sequence, placement, and pressure; ensuring the rapid and accurate capture of high quality records every time.

“The next generation Guardian scanners enable users to easily and swiftly move through a self-guided print capture process without the need to dry or moisten fingers to obtain high quality images – a capability and performance no one else has in one device today.” said David Buckley, CEO of Cross Match. “The next generation Guardian and Guardian IP represent a new era of flexibility and ease of use for the secure and accurate capture of biometric data.”

With a revolutionary new user interface, enhanced optical design, and more flexible capture modes, the new Guardian and Guardian IP deliver a completely self-guided ten-print fingerprint capture process that represents a new level of adaptability to real world use.

“Sharing all the features of the Guardian, the Guardian IP also has an internal processor designed to enable the device to operate as a network appliance,” added Buckley. “When coupled with our recently launched WEBS server-based application, it delivers unprecedented security and privacy, with extremely low maintenance efforts.”

The Guardian IP connects directly to the network, eliminating the need for a local computer and operating system. Deployed with a server-based application, this approach provides a secure, scalable, and cost effective approach to biometric implementations.

“Cross Match is privileged to design and manufacture rugged, highly accurate technologies specialized to support a number of our nation’s most elite operators working in the most challenging environments in the world,” said Buckley. “This experience has enabled us to provide solutions, such as the next generation Guardian scanners, that are highly attuned to the operational needs of users, simple to operate and maintain, and provide an unmatched level of reliability and accuracy.”

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