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Delaware DMV introduces biometric-based kiosks


The State of Delaware unveiled its new driver license and personal identification kiosks that promise to deliver quicker ID issuance and an improved customer experience for Delaware residents.

“These new kiosks will make driver license replacement and renewal much easier than ever before,” Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles Director Jennifer Cohan said. “Delawareans depend on their state-issued IDs not just for driving but for a myriad of vitally important functions every day. We’re here to make the process of renewing and replacing the old ones as speedy and painless as we can.”

The kiosks incorporate scanners, digital cameras and sophisticated back office technology allowing Delaware to maintain a high level of security while speeding up the ID issuance process for customers who need replacement and renewal licenses.

The technology utilizes kiosks from MorphoTrust USA, a member of the SAFRAN group, which provides identity solutions.

MorphoTrust President Bob Eckel said: “Delaware’s kiosk program places them in the vanguard of state ID issuance and underscores their commitment to securing citizens’ identities from theft and misuse, while increasing customer convenience. They are helping to make the goal of One Person, One Identity a reality in Delaware and beyond.”

Customers wishing to renew their licenses stand at a kiosk place their old licenses on the scanner and look at the kiosk’s camera. The kiosk first interfaces with the DMV mainframe to validate that the user is eligible to proceed then compares the user’s new image to the one already on file with the state. If all is correct, customers complete and pay for their transactions, then take receipts provided by the kiosk to the window of a secure processing room where they can retrieve their licenses.

Delawareans can also enter their data by touch-screen if they do not have their licenses with them or have lost the ones they had. The entire process takes just a few minutes. Customers can bypass the kiosks entirely if they prefer and work with DMV employees to get the licenses they need.

Adding to customer convenience, users can also use kiosks to register to vote, change their addresses through the U.S. Postal Service or register to be organ donors. Future applications are many and could include functions such as hunting, fishing and parking permits as well as vehicle registration, depending on customer acceptance and state needs.

The kiosks are available in Dover, Wilmington, and Georgetown. Citizens of Delaware will still be able to drop into a DMV office to renew their drivers’ licenses.

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