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Latest NIST test ranks Morpho number-one in fingerprint accuracy for image-only latent searches


Morpho’s fingerprint recognition algorithms have been ranked number-one in accuracy for image-only latent searches in the most recent National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) test.

In the report from the Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technologies: Extended Features Sets (ELFT-EFS) test, Morpho’s algorithm excelled in accuracy and was found to be the best for image-only searches.

The ELFT-EFS test is a part of NIST’s Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technology testing program and evaluates the net accuracy of latent matching when using features marked by experienced human latent fingerprint examiners.

Other participants in this test included NEC, 3M Cogent, Warwick Warp, Sonda and SPEX Forensics.

1066 latent images were searched against a gallery of both rolled and plain exemplar fingerprints from approximately 100,000 subjects.

Morpho’s technology provides police agencies with an efficient, cost-effective solution to process latent searches with more accuracy in order to streamline their front-line processes and optimize the productivity of the fingerprint identification service. According to the company, this optimization allows experts to focus on the most critical cases, thereby solving a greater amount.

“Morpho is extremely pleased with the excellent results announced the by the U.S. government’s top testing laboratory for fingerprint technology,” Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairmand and CEO of Morpho. “This success reflects our ongoing commitment to provide customers with best-in-class technology, allowing optimization of their resources and processes.”

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