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American Senator Dianne Feinstein proposes gun legislation that includes biometrics

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American Senator Dianne Feinstein has proposed a new legislation in response to the Newtown, Conn., murders that represents a tougher ban on assault weapons and would see all gun owners fingerprinted and photographed for positive identification.

According to the New York Times, Feinstein’s proposed legislation would not only outlaw the manufacture and sale of new semiautomatic guns but would also mandate federal registration and background checks on gun owners who legally purchased guns after the old ban on these weapons expired in 2004.

As the New York Times article reports, “the old assault weapons ban prohibited only firearms that had two or more military-style characteristics. That meant the ban could be skirted simply by eliminating a minor characteristic like a bayonet mount and flash suppressor.”

On Senator Feinstein’s website, details of the proposed legislation are outlined and indicate that biometrics will play a role in positively identifying registrants and owners of guns, using a photograph and fingerprint, along with more stringent background checks and definitions of excluded and included guns.  This proposed legislation will be the major gun control initiative for the incoming Congress.

Ever since the Newtown, Conn. murders earlier in December at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been much discussion about how biometrics could have prevented this tragedy, whether it be through implementing biometric entry systems into schools, using James Bond-style biometric smart gun technology or as Senator Feinstein has proposed, using biometrics to record the identity of those procuring guns and facilitate a more comprehensive background check system.

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2 Replies to “American Senator Dianne Feinstein proposes gun legislation that includes biometrics”

  1. Feinstein is an idiot. She feels that assault weapons are the enemy. Actually it’s sick lunatic people that are the big threat. According to the statistics from the FBI site on weapons used in homicides, the number of rifles used during the entire year of 2011 was 323. Yes you liberal idiots. The number
    was 323. All of these 323 rifles were not so-called assault weapons. Blunt objects were used 496 times. Yes unless you can’t understand what I’m saying is that rocks and like instruments caused more homicides in 2011 than your so-called devil assault rifles.
    Let’s also define assault weapons properly. Assault weapons are fully automatic rifles used by the military. The rifles that are wanting to be banned by uniformed politicians are semi-automatics. These are not the type of rifles the military uses. And, yes semi-automatic rifles make fine hunting firearms. Kick this woman out of the senate and stand up for your right to bear arms and the second amendment. Tell the government to inform itself and leave the American’s rights alone. We don’t need people like Dianne Feinstein in Washington making laws against law abiding Americans and
    damaging the Constitution of the United States.
    The only thing that needs banning are no good politicians like Feinstein who have an agenda to take your constitutional rights away.

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