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Top 10 most-read stories on BiometricUpdate.com in 2012

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2013 is just around the corner and we’ve gone back to look at the stories that captured the greatest attention of the BiometricUpdate.com community and represented the most-read articles on our site this past year. 2012’s top stories span a wide spectrum and includes articles about smart id cards, hackers, mobile phones and porn, as well as our own research findings.

Here are the top 10 most read articles on BiometricUpdate.com in 2012:

1. Nadra introduces Pakistan’s new biometric smart id cards
In October, the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) Chairman, Tariq Malik announced Pakistan’s roll out of new biometric smart ID cards. Named the Smart National Identity Card (SNIC), this new ID card boasts 36 security features and is said to be one of the most advanced security documents in the world. Read more

2. Anonymous taps Macgyver, tackles facial recognition in latest video 
Anonymous posted a video offering creative tips to prevent facial recognition software from recognizing your face, including tips like wearing a mask, applying elaborate makeup, pointing a laser directly into the camera’s lens and even tilting your head 15 degrees to the side. Read more

3. Precise Biometrics CTO says Tactivo product extends iOS security
In an interview with BiometricUpdate.com, Michael Harris, CTO for Precise Biometrics said the company’s Tactivo smart card and fingerprint reader for iOS devices significantly improves mobile security and has generated significant interest from U.S. Government agencies. Read more

4. Porn websites offer facial recognition to help find the girl next door .. literally  
It caught the attention of the biometric community and the technology community as a whole when it was reported that two popular porn websites are offering free facial recognition services to their users looking to find look-alikes or similar-looking performers online. These services are positioned to either help users find a performer that looks like a specific specific person, or to upload pictures from your own social media channels to find the subject in porn online. Read more

5. U.S. streamlines biometric travel visa procedures in India  
In September, the U.S. Embassy in India announced a new procedure for issuing travel visas that includes biometrics. The new procedure could require applicants to make at least two appointments to complete the process. Read more

6. Mat Honan’s hack exposes major cloud security flaws. Is there a viable biometric solution? 
This summer, Wired staff writer, Mat Honan was subject to one of the most significant and widely reported hacks on an individuals online identity of the last few years, through major flaws in Apple and Amazon’s online security. BiometricUpdate.com dissected the cause of the hack and investigated the feasibility of a biometric solution. Read more

7. Despite Authentec buy, no fingerprint technology for iPhone 5  
Apple followers and devotees eagerly awaited the brand new iPhone 5, which was finally released late this year. After Apple bought AuthenTec and the company soon stopped selling fingerprint technology to Apple competitors, it was widely believed that the new iPhone 5 would include some sort of fingerprint technology. After months of speculation around design and functionality, the iPhone 5 was released without support for fingerprint biometrics. Read more

8. Biometric Research Note: Market for electronic identity cards projected to grow  
BiometricUpdate.com lead researcher Rawlson King concluded that by 2015, the market for electronic identity cards is projected to reach US$5.2 billion, following the expansion in the flow of people and goods. Further, King’s findings indicated that the market could reach US$11.2 billion by 2020. Read more

9. Nigeria introduces biometrics to hotel industry 
Nigeria has been increasingly implementing biometric systems over the last year, and the chairman of the National Population Commission in the country has even aid that those who don’t get their biometrics captured in the next census will no longer be Nigerian citizens. In September, the Nigerian Tourism Development Corportation (NTDC) announced plans to create a database of all hotel staff and personnel, in a bid to curb persistent rates of crime in the country’s hospitality sector. Read more

10. Samsung S3 features iris, voice and facial recognition 
Definitely one of the hottest smartphones of the year, Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S3, was launched with on-board iris, voice and facial recognition technologies. With a major marketing campaign leading up to the phone’s launch targeting Android and Apple fans alike, it’s no surprise this smartphone came with support for biometrics as the company tries to get a leg up on Apple. Read more

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