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SecuGen demonstrates fingerprint technology at CES


SecuGen Corporation, a leader in advanced optical fingerprint recognition talked about its Android compatible Hamster Plus fingerprint readers and soon-to-be released SDK for Android with BiometricUpdate.com at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week.

The firm’s Hamster Plus is an improved version of SecuGen’s popular and versatile fingerprint reader product line.

Packaged in a comfortable, ergonomic design, the Hamster Plus features the industry’s most rugged and advanced optical sensor using patented surface enhanced irregular reflection (SEIR) fingerprint biometric technology. SecuGen’s SEIR technology is used to obtain very high contrast fingerprint images with very low distortion. High contrast and low distortion are the hallmarks of excellent image quality.

SecuGen Hamster Plus can be used for authentication, identification and verification functions that let fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.

The reader incorporates automatic finger placement detection technology that automatically checks for the presence of a finger. When used with compatible software, the Hamster Plus will turn on and scan a finger as soon as a user touchs the sensor, all without having to prompt the system.

The reader also utilizes a smart capture algorithm to ensure quality fingerprint scanning of difficult fingers. By automatically adjusting the brightness of the sensor, the algorithm allows the Hamster Plus to capture high quality fingerprints from a wide range of traditionally difficult fingers, including those from dry, wet, scarred or aged skin, and even in bright ambient conditions such as under direct sunlight.

SecuGen’s soon-to-be released SDK for Android will also allow developers to create mobile applications secured by a user’s fingerprint.

Jeffrey Brown, Vice President, Sales & Marketing talked about SecuGen’s line of biometric solutions at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

“We are excited to be able to offer Android compatibility,” added Dan Riley, Vice President of Engineering for SecuGen. “Our partners have asked us for this, and of course we are going to provide the tools that they need to succeed. This SDK for Android is one of several exciting new products that we will be bringing to market in 2013.”

The SDK for Android will incorporate SecuGen’s MINEX certified, FIPS 201/PIV-compliant fingerprint template extraction and matching algorithms. The SDK will also include drivers and APIs for image capture and processing of fingerprints scanned by the Hamster Plus and Hamster IV readers as well as the iD-USB SC and the iD-USB SC/PIV fingerprint and smartcard combination devices.

SecuGen’s biometric products are widely recognized for being rugged, accurate and affordable and are sold through reseller partners worldwide.

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen noted: “We are very pleased to be able to demonstrate Android compatibility at CES. Today mobile computing has become a ubiquitous platform for a broad range of applications including applications that demand high levels of security such as finance, health care and medical records, as well as the provision of government services. We are proud to be able to deliver to our partners the ability to leverage that platform.”

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