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Fake ID cards discovered in Jakarta

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The Deputy Governor of Jakarta in Indonesia has indicated that the government will start to crack down on those who make fake ID cards, as many counterfeits have surfaced as of late.

“We have received numerous reports about people using fake ID cards to get KJS facility,” Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki T Purnama said in a report in Berita Jakarta. “We will criminally charge the makers as well as theusers of fake ID cards. We will investigate to find who the culprits are, because this is an obscure plot that involves individuals who work in healthcare sector. We will reveal it. The sanction has been stipulated in Criminal Code (KUHPP).”

Reportedly, samples were taken from ID cards used by residents to acquire free healthcare services, and of the sample of 15 cards, one was fake. As to how the card made it through verification is still under investigation.

Following this discovery, health centers will check ID card receipts against population and civil registration department databases to verify legitimate cardholders and recipients of Jakarta’s healthcare system.

Counterfeiting, or even the bogus creation of cards with biometric details is something that has plagued other systems recently. Reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, The UIDAI has cancelled 384,000 Aadhaar numbers of the total 410,000 numbers issued under the biometric exception clause. It has recently been discovered that many agencies had exploited the clause to generate money as for each successful enrollment, the agency is paid a nominal amount of money.

That being said, it is unclear who is producing the fake health ID cards in Indonesia, though as Basuki said, it’s a plot that involves individuals who work internally in the healthcare sector.

Also in India, earlier this year, 150 bogus ration cards issued under the biometric system were discovered. These bogus cards were also created internally, as it was reported that they were produced by the food and civil supplies department deputy director in collusion with three fair price shop owners, as well as the biometric franchisee.

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