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Natural Security named ‘Privacy by Design’ ambassador

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Natural Security has just been named a Privacy by Design ambassador, by the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada.

According to the company, as a Privacy by Design ambassador, Natural Security joins an international network of innovative individuals and organizations that prioritise privacy in the development of new technology.

Natural Security recently applied for the distinction, and has agreed to follow the “7 Foundational Principles in their development and delivery of new technology,” in accordance with the Privacy by Design framework. In particular, these principles include, being “proactive not reactive- preventative not remedial; privacy as the default setting; privacy embedded into design; full functionality – positive-sum, not zero-sum; end-to-end security – full lifecycle protection; visibility and transparency – keep it open; and respect for user privacy – keep it user-centric.”

“Natural Security is making every effort to consider privacy at the forefront. Our modern day society processes and stores vast amounts of personal data, so it is essential that privacy is at the core of design to ensure this data is kept safe,” Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario said. “Our ambassadors play a vital role in raising awareness of privacy and creating best practices. We are pleased that Natural Security is now a Privacy by Design organizational ambassador and look forward to enhancing privacy awareness going forward.”

As we’ve reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, earlier this year, Natural Security released its own privacy rules and best practice guidelines, following consumer trials in France and with San Jose University.

“We became an ambassador because privacy is a key issue for Data Controllers, consumers and manufacturers,” André Delaforge, Head of Marketing at Natural Security said. “We want to pave the way for a better understanding of privacy impact in all organizations and hope to raise the global profile of Privacy by Design through our involvement. The vision and goals of Privacy by Design are exactly aligned to the foundations of Natural Security. We aim to be synonymous with convenience and security, and privacy has always been at the forefront of our development process. Gaining recognition as a Privacy by Design ambassador is evidence for our customers and partners that our standard really does ensure privacy.”

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