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Biometrics Institute aims to address concerns for the responsible use of biometrics


The Biometrics Institute says more awareness is required about the responsible use of biometrics to ensure a successful future for the industry, and with some upcoming events, the group plans to address this issue.

Specifically, the group says it will continue the debate and awareness raising campaign about the responsible use of biometrics and will discuss questions such as where biometrics actually are fit for purpose and what happens to biometric information when using these systems.

“Many lessons have been learnt in government applications of biometrics such as passports and border control systems,” the group said in a statement. “The Biometrics Institute provides a place for its members to share experiences and brings public and private sector together to promote best-practice.”

Some upcoming Biometrics Institute events include the “Technology Showcase Australia” on Nov. 26, 2013 in Canberra, as well as several talks on facial biometrics and “New developments in facial biometrics,” set to take place January 2013 in London. The group says it’s also looking at ways of how to engage with consumers to provide guidance about biometrics, their rights to privacy and also to better-inform the industry about consumer demands.  

“All privacy legislation around the world usually insist that customers are entitled to know that they are being scanned and for what purpose and they should also be given the opportunity to refuse if they have objections” Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute said. “The other key principle of privacy is function creep which is where a system is installed for one purpose but then allowed to creep into other uses. For example, if a face is scanned for the purposes of identifying a customer’s gender at the time they are looking at an advert above the check out, they should know to what purpose that scan will be put in the future.”

Reported previously, the Biometrics Institute also recently announced its campaign for the widespread adoption of spoof detection technology.

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