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Fingerprint Cards stock jumps after capacitive sensor announcement


Following an announcement early yesterday day for the launch of new fingerprint sensors for Android and Windows devices, Fingerprint Cards’ stock price jumped nearly 25%.

Though I’m not a stock broker or a seasoned analyst, this figure impresses the hell out of me. Just last month, a bogus press release was published which suggested Samsung had acquired Fingerprint Cards and the market responded quickly. As we reported in BiometricUpdate.com, in that instance, Fingerprint Cards’ stock shot up 51 percent in the 17 minutes the company’s shares were traded before being halted on account of the fake announcement.

There’s been some vague finger-pointing and a criminal investigation into last month’s bogus release, but the fact that the company can still make announcements and see these kind of swings in its valuation tells me there is a lot of confidence in Fingerprint Cards right now and a healthy appetite to see more Android handsets with fingerprint sensors.

In case you missed it, the fingerprint sensors that FPC launched for Android and Windows yesterday are capacitive touch sensors and could be seen as the opening of the flood-gates to some powerful competition for biometrics-enabled smartphones in the consumer space now that Apple has launched its iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S is the BMOC for fingerprint-enabled smartphones right now, but there’s a lot to say that within the next few months, some pretty fancy Android devices will be launched with fingerprint sensors. Only time will tell how long, but it’s likely to happen soon and it’s likely some of these devices will use Fingerprint Cards sensors.

Fingerprint Cards has seen massive growth in the mobile space as of late.

Reported previously, Fujitsu recently launched six mobile phones with embedded Fingerprint Card swipe sensors. 

Also, Pantech launched a new phablet earlier this year with an FPC sensor. This represented thefirst phablet integration for Fingerprint Cards.

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