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Visiontek integrates DigitalPersona sensor into handheld biometric readers


DigitalPersona has just announced that Visiontek has integrated the company’s TCS1 Steelcoat sensor into handeld biometric readers.

“Achieving the equally important goals of citizen convenience, fraud prevention and low program costs requires exceptional technology,” Ramesh Chunduru, director of sales and marketing for Visiontek said. “We chose the TCS1 Steelcoat sensor because it consistently captures quality fingerprints in a variety of demanding environmental conditions. It also offers the msot economical solution in terms of lifetime cost of ownership.”

Visiontek is a supplier of customers premised telecom equipment and software solutions.
These handheld biometric scanners are used by field officers to scan the fingerprints of citizens who want access to banking services, entitlement programsn and other governent or banking services that require positive identification.Scanned images are compared to identity data stored in one of three places — a secure central database, a smart card carried by citizens or in a point-of-sale terminal.

“We’re proud to be part of programs that bring entitlements to Indian citizens and financial inclusion to people who previously had no access to banking services,” Richard Agostinelli, DigitalPersona President and CEO said. “Because the Indian government has chosen biometrics as the preferred method of secure identification — and because the TCS1 is the only STQC-certified silicon sensor on the market — we expect our involvement in these critical programs will continue to grow.”

“Clearly, integrators and end-users are placing lots of emphasis on quality image capture, device ruggedness and low total cost of ownership,” Agostinelli said. “We believe that’s why the TCS1 sensor is being selected for some many secure identity programs worldwide.”

Reported previously, Toplink Pacific has also recently selected the TouchChip TCS1 sensor for integration and is using it for its BLUEFiN mobile fingerprint scanner.

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