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Intel-GE Care Innovations partners with Predilytics for remote healthcare biometrics


Intel-GE Care Innovations has announced a partnership with Predilytics that the company says will advance Care Innovations’ ability to harness biometric data collected from home, to improve care delivery and population engagement.

“EHR and claims data provide an incomplete picture of a patient’s behavior, health status and needs,” Sean Slovenski, CEO at Intel-GE Care Innovations said. “Effective population health engagement requires data from the home since patients spend the majority of their time outside of a doctor’s office or other clinical settings. Working with the innovative and forward-thinking tools from a group like Predilytics will accelerate our growth and increase the value we can provide health plans, health care providers and caregivers.”

Care Innovations collects info from an array of sensors and data sources, and this new collaboration with Predilytics will be focused on interpreting and analyzing this data, looking for predictive patterns and working to integrate new tools.

This partnership and use of the term biometrics relates to the growing use of the term, to mean more than just authentication and identification technologies.

A key component of the Care Innovations solution is Connect RCM, a cloud-based app that facilitiates the collection and transmission of daily biometric data measurements and provides access to clinician-directed health sessions, as well as video-conferencing and education.

“Data from the home, combined with consumer and non-clinical behavioral information, has the potential to give clinicians and caregivers far better insight into when and how they can help. It provides them real-time activity coupled with predictive insights that affords action much more quickly than is possible today,” Chris Coloian, Predilytics President and CEO said. “Partnering with Intel-GE Care Innovations gives us the chance to combine our capabilities with an established leader we know will be able to dedicate the resources and innovative thinking necessary to capitalize on this immense opportunity.”

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