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M-Enabling Summit: A conversation with organizer Axel Leblois


Biometric authentication is a far-reaching technology, and the organizers of the M-enabling Summit are excited to see the accessible and assistive properties of recognition systems making their way to the forefront through new mobile devices.

“The ability to automate the recognition of users is becoming central to everything,” Axel Leblois, the Executive Director of G3ict, an organizer of the M-Enabling Summit said in an interview with BiometricUpdate.com.

The M-enabling Summit is set to take place in Washington, D.C. on June 9-10, 2014, and aims to promote mobile accessible and assistive applications and services for senior citizens and persons with disabilities leveraging the latest operating systems, handsets and tablet-based technologies.

This is the third Summit that the group has held and according to organizers is the only gathering of U.S. and International leaders supporting accessible and assistive mobile solutions.

“With the increased processing power of mobile devices and expanded network bandwidth many more innovative solutions are now possible,” Leblois said. “The versatility of handsets, tablets and operating systems, cloud-based applications and global economies of scale of the mobile industry all point towards a growing opportunity for developers to bring life-enhancing solutions for hundreds of millions of seniors and persons with disabilities around the world.”

According to Leblois, the market for assistive and accessibility solutions is large, and many companies that recognize this now have dedicated accessibility teams to remain competitive in the space.

“There are 1 billion customers in the world with disabilities and two-thirds of them have severe disabilities,” Leblois said. “There are 54 million people with disabilities in the United States and 47 million of them have severe disabilities. That means that for a fairly significant segment of the population, things like going on a website, an ATM, typing or any type of interactive exercise on the computer can be difficult to impossible.”

Biometrics touts some pretty obvious benefits in terms of accessibility, like being able to log in with a face, voice or even a fingerprint. These technologies can eliminate the need to type – let alone to remember a password or other login credentials.

More information on the M-Enabling conference, including a full exhibitor list and conference agenda is available from the event website: http://www.m-enabling.com/index.html

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