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Biometrics in Banking


24 October 2014
25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LB

Hosted by Citibank

Gold sponsors: Financial Fraud Action UK, Fujitsu, Softpro, Xyzmo

Silver Sponsor: Behaviosec

Setting the scene: introduction to the ‘Biometrics in Banking’ Seminar Banking is currently moving into a multi channel environment, with strong developments towards mobile banking. Comparing to the traditional banking environment we see now new channels, customers changing channels more easily and alternative payment methods. Gartner projects that over the next four years the mobile payments industry will experience an average annual growth of 35 percent, creating a market of more than 450 million users worth USD 721 billion by 2017. According to 2012 CEB TowerGroup Report mobile banking transactions in the USA are projected to grow by 240% between 2010 and 2015. In the same period, online transactions are expected to grow at 10%, ATM transactions by 7.3%, whereas the contact center and the branch are expected to see a decline in transactions. A recent report from McKinsey states the following: “Offering a strong payments plan as part of a comprehensive strategy for digital banking is therefore an imperative for banks. But to compete in this emerging arena, banks must meet the expectations of digital natives, delivering diverse tools to help customers make smart decisions across a range of financial services.“

Challenges and opportunities arise regarding customer-service provider relationships, fraud and fraud prevention, as well as new drivers of convenience and security. Bankers are facing an increasing challenge on how to decide if the person transacting is actually a genuine client and not a fraudster. According to a recent Gartner report the most common threat in mobile payments is that almost 70 percent of mobile phones aren’t protected by passwords. The availability of biometric authentication at the source (e.g. at the smartphone or tablet) seems to provide a solid answer to this and certainly constitutes a giant change in the banking world. It is paramount that biometrics play a pivotal role in key innovations on mobile payments and other transactions.

About the Seminar
After a successful event at the German Association for Banks in Berlin earlier this year, there was a strong call for a second edition of the ‘Biometrics in Banking’ event. This second edition will further elaborate on the underlying business cases and developments in mobile banking and financial transactions. End users will share their experiences from a business perspective, touching on important aspects such as process flows, added value, fraud reduction, implementation strategy and client experience.

‘Biometrics in Banking’ will further familiarize you with biometric methods and applications by providing you with guidance on how biometrics can support you to optimize the following key aspects of the banking process:
– Customer Interaction
– Operational Efficiency
– Fraud Reduction and Prevention

During the seminar we will reflect the many new opportunities arising from the gradual shift away from desktop/notebook computing on smartphones and tablets and share best practice of apps and web-based applications:
– Hear about Biometrics solutions for in-branch and mobile usage for internal and customer-facing usage
– Learn how Biometrics support mega trends such as personalization, …
– Identify how you can embed Biometrics into your processes
– Discuss the impact of Biometrics for the mobile payment world to the banking and financial services environment.

The one day workshop will reflect the opportunities of biometrics in the financial market. It will be discussed how processes can be designed both biometrically protected and privacy compliant. The speakers intend to provide you with their experience how to take best benefit of biometric techniques.

Who attends?
Attendees typically have an interest in developing biometrically enabled services within their organizations, have a responsibility for innovation at a financial institution or would like to learn more about the end-user requirements for biometrically enabled financial applications.

Event details

Date: Friday, October 24, 2014
Duration: 10:30 h – 17:00 hrs
Location: Citibank, Canary Wharf, London
Organizer: European Association for Biometrics (EAB)
Co-organizers: Financial Fraud Action UK (FFAUK)
Supported by: Association of German Banks (BdB)
European Payments Consulting Association (EPCA)
British Banking Association

Registration: http://www.eab.org/events/program/73
The number of seats is limited. Registration is recommended prior to 30 September 2014.
Registration fee: 275 EURO for suppliers and consultants / 75 EURO (for
EAB-members) / FREE ENTRANCE for banks and other financial services organizations)
Lunch included!
Media Partners: BiometricUpdate.com
Organizer of the day: Max Snijder (EAB, snijder@eab.org)
Moderator of the day: Farzin Deravi (EAB, F.Deravi@kent.ac.uk)

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