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Biometrics featured prominently at Money 20/20


Many new developments in biometric technology were showcased this week at the Money 20/20 tradeshow in Las Vegas, the largest worldwide gathering of innovators in commerce and digitized money.

AGNITiO Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics company AGNITiO was on site to demonstrate its FIDO-Ready Voice iD solution for secure digital transactions and fraud prevention.

AGNITiO says its voice authentication solution running KIVOX software has a 99.9 percent success rate and its anti-spoofing technology detects up to 97 percent of replay attacks. Additionally, KIVOX is language agnostic, making global deployments easier.

EyeVerify releases EyePrint ID v2.0

EyeVerify Inc. released EyePrint ID v2.0, the second version of the firm’s patented technology that eliminates the need to use passwords on mobile devices.

EyeVerify’s patented Eyeprint ID technology uses built-in cameras in today’s mobile devices to image and then pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of users’ eyes for highly accurate, fast and convenient mobile identity protection. The new version features a natural, seamless user experience with an incredibly fast authentication time for smart devices, as fast as 800 milliseconds, which is instantaneous from a users’ perspective.

Digimarc Mobile Payment SDK

Digimarc Corporation demonstrated its new mobile payment SDK for securely exchanging payment information between retailers and shoppers for fast, reliable and secure checkout using mobile devices.

The demo highlighted the integration between Digimarc’s SDK with Mozido’s mobile payment and retail loyalty solutions as well as MorphoTrust‘s digital driver license and identification technology.

This supports the common payment scenarios such as an in-store mobile payment where the shopper shows a Digimarc-encoded image to a customer-facing scanner to initiate a transaction. It can be used for mobile loyalty cards or gift cards, or to store ID documents such as a Digital Driver’s License for age verification. It could also be used with Mozido‘s mobile payment platform for home shopping where items can be purchased directly from audio, video and printed advertisements.

Digimarc is seeking to show that scanner-based solutions are a safer mobile payments solution than alternative approaches such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RFID or NFC which can be more easily intercepted.

Peer-to-Peer Mobile Payment Service Tip.ly Launches

A payment service called Tip.ly officially launched at the 2014 Money 20/20 conference. In an era where it’s becoming less common to carry cash, Tip.ly allows people to tip service professionals with their mobile phone without the exchange of any personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses and credit cards.

The payment is done through a peer-to-peer mobile application that uses facial recognition and location-based technologies to facilitate safe, efficient payments while maintaining the privacy of both the consumer and the service professional.

Consumers can pay a service worker who is not already registered with Tip.ly using its “Face Tips” facial recognition technology. The customer takes a photo of their server, who can then log into Tip.ly on a camera-equipped device within 14 days to submit their photo and bank details to collect their payment.

Tip.ly has successfully conducted user acceptance testing and has verified platform scalability on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NuData Subconscious Behavioral Analysis for Online Fraud Prevention

NuData Security, which specializes in online fraud prediction and prevention, showcased the psychological principles behind its online fraud detection solution, NuDetect.

Memorization through repetition of patterns is committed to subconscious memory for quick recall. Just as someone can quickly remember the motions of riding a bicycle, they can access their knowledge of entering a password. NuDetect incorporates this psychological principle into its fraud prediction model which recognizes and alerts customers to impersonation attempts when it comes to how a user types, scrolls, how they hold their phone, and more.

In this way, NuDetect tracks and monitors subconscious behaviors, identifying and analysing a user’s behavior without having to interrupt their experience.

Bionym testing payments using Nymi

Bionym, the company behind the Nymi Band authentication wristband, is preparing to test heartbeat-authenticated payments in Canada before the end of the year.

According to its announcement at Money 20/20, the Nymi Band will be accepted at existing point-of-sale systems at Canadian retailers for contactless transactions before the end of the year. The heartbeat data links individuals to a MasterCard account issued by the Royal Bank of Canada and some other issuing banks.

Biometics Panel

On Monday, a panel on biometrics, moderated by Peter O’Neill, called “Secure Identity in an Evolving Mobile Payments Ecosystem” discussed the implications of biometrics in payments, which are edging in on passwords and PINs as methods of verifying transactions.

Speakers included Samsung’s technology and strategy director Steven Rahman, PayPal technology evangelist and senior policy advisor Bill Smith, Natural Security Alliance chief marketing manager Pierre Antonio, and Acuity Market Intelligence principal Maxine Most.

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