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Borer FUSION Fingerprint PIN Reader supports multi-factor authentication


Providing high security as part of an access control system, the FUSION Access Control Biometrics Reader from Borer supports multiple factors of authentication including card only; card plus fingerprint; card plus PIN or; card plus PIN and fingerprint.

The fingerprint reader is a high-performance, 500 dpi optical sensor, and the system, altogether, boasts a false acceptance rate (FAR) up to one false-positive in 100 million.

Users are issued a smartcard containing their encrypted biometric data and access control profile. Typically, when presented to gain access, the reader first checks the cardholder’s credentials, then a fingerprint template is read from the card’s memory. This is then checked against a live scan of the cardholder’s finger before granting access.

With an integrated access control system with a single database that can communicate over a local or wide area network to each door’s reader, this system doesn’t necessarily rely on constant network access to a centralized Access Identity Management database to operate. This self-contained approach means that authentication could be granted when there is no network access or in the event of a network failure.

It also uses Power over Ethernet Plus, meaning that a Single CAT5/6 Network Cable can power two readers and an electric strike or magnetic lock at the door. This provides a dependable power supply and eliminates the need for additional wiring.

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