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U.S. Office of Biometric Identity Management seeks industry input on next-gen biometric technologies


The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) is seeking information from the biometrics industry on how to improve its biometric identity systems.

OBIM operates the Automated Biometric Identification System (or “IDENT”) which allows it to store and analyze biometric data, and link it with biographic information across government agencies to match or verify the established identities. As of September 2014, IDENT contained more than 170 million biometric identities, and handles approximately 290,000 transactions per day.

The official government document states: “The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to collect information from industry on current and near future technologies (including mature modifiable [commercial off-the-shelf] products) supporting operational and analysis outcomes as delineated in Section II Objectives.”

The Section II Objectives include information around identity deconfliction, advanced biometric matching, advanced biometric searching, high-performance transaction processing, business intelligence, storage, information linking, and international biometrics.

Information on next-generation architecture and capabilities for replacing the current biometric system will help OBIM create biometric identification and analysis to support counter-terrorism, immigration and law enforcement, and credentialing efforts.

The U.S. government has recently been considering allocating millions of federal funds towards the improvement of IDENT.

The government RFI does not provide payment for information and materials received, nor does it provide companies an advantage in a future Request for Proposal.

Biometric Update published a report late last year which provides an in-depth look at the spending and programs the U.S. Government is engaged in surrounding homeland security initiatives.

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