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Innovatrics achieves strong results at NIST’s Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation


Innovatrics announced that its AFIS algorithm achieved strong results in the Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation (FpVTE 2012), organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies.

As the first independent evaluation of large scale fingerprint identification, NIST’s FpVTE evaluates large one-to-many fingerprint identification algorithms using enrollment sample sizes in the multi-millions.

Innovatrics achieved top rankings in overall performance, with the FpVTE 2012 report classifying the company’s submission among the best in every evaluation scenario.

The overall performance of submissions is measured in an operational score combining the most relevant automated fingerprint identification system requirements, including identification time, accuracy, enrollment time and RAM consumption.

The Innovatrics algorithm is ranked in the top performance group in each of the nine tested scenarios, which includes one-to-many identification using a range of finger combinations from single finger up to ten fingers.

The strong overall performance of Innovatrics algorithms in the categories of speed, accuracy and enrollment time, as well as across all scenarios, proves that Innovatrics is a universal provider of complete solutions for fingerprint identification.

“Our efficient extraction and segmentation algorithms allow real-time enrollment and quality control without any accuracy degradation, even with very limited hardware resources,” said Matus Kapusta, chief product officer at Innovatrics. “In the world of large-scale AFIS solutions, short enrollment times are making migration from legacy systems to modern AFIS solutions fast and easy.”

Innovatrics’ top overall performance proves that its products that integrate these algorithms are suitable for real-time applications with one and two fingerprints, civil AFIS solutions for large scale deployment, and law enforcement AFIS applications.

The fingerprint algorithms evaluated in the FpVTE benchmark are included in many of Innovatrics’ products, including IDKit Fingerprint SDK, Fingerprint Segmentation SDK, BioScriber, WebAFIS, and ExpressID AFIS.

The FpVTE 2012 full report is available at the NIST website.

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