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Integrated Biometrics executive discusses new certified fingerprint technology


Integrated Biometrics announced that its business development executive and strategic advisor Tom Buss recently discussed public safety and military multibiometric identification tools at the Advanced Biometrics Emerging Trends and Future Applications Conference in Washington, D.C.

The industry veteran shared his insights on new certified fingerprint technology that is currently available in the marketplace, along with providing examples of adoption and use cases.

“The emerging trend in biometric identification (and enrollment) devices is to do as much as possible in the field,” Buss said in his February 12th presentation. “With LES (Light Emitting Sensor) fingerprint technology, the future is now in terms of high-performing, lightweight fingerprint scanning technology applications for mobile devices. The proof of any new emerging technology is how well it’s being adopted.”

Throughout the presentation, Buss addressed the previous barriers to mobile certified enrollment and ID devices; the smaller, thinner and lighter technologies for certified fingerprint capture technology influencing the marketplace; and provided a few examples of new platforms that benefit from the size and weight of these new technologies.

Integrated Biometrics said it continues to see an increasing use of its FBI-compliant LES fingerprint scanners in border control, law enforcement and national ID efforts, which enables agents in the field to collect biometric data from suspects using a handheld device, Buss said.

The Advanced Biometrics Emerging Trends and Future Applications Conference discussed a range of biometric topics, including the concept of “super-identity” in physical and cyber spaces using retina scanning, iris structure, hand geometry, vein structure, voice, personal touch and keystroke recognition to resolve data security challenges by traditional methods and the emergence of new biometric technologies.

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