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Jumio adds liveness detection to ID card scanning service


Credentials management firm Jumio Inc. has added ID image-capturing technology and enhanced liveness detection technology to its ID card scanning service, Netverify.

The new version of Jumio’s Netverify features a new ID image-capturing technology, which allows users to place their ID in any position within their camera view.

This template-matching capability automatically detects the ID edges, rotates, and accurately crops it in the frame, regardless of its position, ensuring a higher scan-acquisition rate.

To verify the identity of the person placing the ID in front of the device camera, Jumio’s Face Match technology cross-checks the customer’s face with the ID image and generates a likelihood-of-match score.

The updated Netverify also features enhanced liveness detection technology, which is able to detect even the slightest facial movements when the customer is taking a photo of their face on their device camera.

This feature serves as a safety measure against those IDs that are otherwise legitimate but might have been stolen or are being used without the owner’s consent. The liveness detection technology also ensures that a criminal is not able to thwart the Face Match process by presenting a static image of the authorized person.

“Continued instances of fraudulent transactions, hacks, and breaches have created the need for better ways to authenticate consumers,” said Jumio CEO Daniel Mattes. “Our mission is twofold: to create a transaction environment that minimizes the likelihood of identity fraud; and to improve the consumer experience while doing so.”

Other enhancements of Netverify include front-side optical character recognition, improved extraction of 2D barcode scanning for U.S. driver’s licenses, better blurriness detection, and an enhanced user interface.

Netverify is now available for iOS and Android mobile apps, websites and the mobile web, while the updated version featuring template-matching technology and liveness detector (available only for iOS) will be available in the EU and in the U.S. in March.

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