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NEC ranks first in the NIST Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation

NEC Corporation announced that its fingerprint identification technologies ranked first in the Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation (FpVTE 2012 or FpVTE) conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

FpVTE 2012 is designed to recreate potential operational requirements, such as application with National ID systems and criminal investigations.

The tests used large-scale fingerprint images acquired from various organizations including police departments and government institutions, to accurately assess search, identity confirmation and other tasks.

FpVTE testing used a fingerprint database with approximately five million sets of fingerprint data, making it the largest database in the history of NIST‘s benchmark testing.

Additionally, testing was mostly conducted to assess the current capabilities of fingerprint matching algorithms using operational datasets of several million subjects.

There were three classes of participation that examined one-to-many identification using different finger combinations, ranging from single finger up to ten fingers.

Class A used single-index finger capture data and evaluated single index finger and two index finger identification; Class B used identification flat captures and evaluated ten-finger, eight-finger, and four-finger identification; and Class C used rolled and plain impression captures and evaluated ten-finger rolled-to-rolled, ten-finger plain-to-plain, and ten-finger plain-to-rolled identification.

Enrollment sets used for one-to-many identification spanned from 5,000 to 5,000,000 enrolled subjects.

NEC ranked first in the 10 finger identification tests, generating the best fingerprint matching results out of the total of 18 companies and organizations that participated in the testing.

“This is the second consecutive time NEC technology is ranked as the best in large scale ten finger identification tests conducted by NIST(1)(3),” said Hiroshi Suzuki, GM of second government and public solutions division at NEC Corporation. “The NIST evaluated vendors’ authentication technologies through blind testing in an objective and accurate way, and with the cooperation and support of the US Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Defense and other government branches. We are delighted that the results of the latest benchmark tests have once again demonstrated the superiority of NEC’s fingerprint authentication technologies.”

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  1. The equivalent success rate is reported to be 99.63%. If this software is operated with the threshold providing the FAR of 0.01%, what sort of FRR would be expected? I wonder if you have obtained any such data.

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