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Panasonic tests facial recognition solution at NJIT


Panasonic Corporation will test their facial recognition security software at New Jersey Institute of Technology, following the complete installation of specialized cameras in the school’s Van Houten Library, according to a report by The Vector.

A camera with an overhead monitor will be installed at the library’s entrance to discourage theft and let students know that the library is under surveillance.

However, the camera also serves an additional purpose as people who are entering the library will feel inclined to look up because of the overhead monitor, enabling the camera to catch a better view of the person’s face.

The system, developed by Panasonic, is controlled by software that tracks a person’s facial patterns and compares them against a blacklist database that stores around one million photos of individuals who have been flagged by Public Safety or other law enforcement.

“It is so advanced that you can narrow your search to have a photo match almost identically,” said Sergeant Mike Villani. “Pictures can be easily put into the system. Administrators can put photos as time goes on.”

If a high percentage match is found, the system sends a message to a computer at headquarters notifying personnel that there has been a positive match to a blacklisted individual.

The system automatically brings up the photo of the person in question, along with the individual’s details. The desk personnel can then confirm whether it is an accurate match, and if so, alert security.

“The Panasonic developers working in the library have already tested it,” said Sergeant Villani. “They have already gotten responses for a whitelist of subjects that they tested on the cameras.”

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