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Tygart releases mobile facial recognition app for smartphones


Tygart Technology announced it has launched the MXMOBILE™ FaceID System, a mobile face recognition application designed for government agencies.

Using MXMOBILE, government agencies will be able to access Tygart’s MXSERVER cloud-based face recognition system, which process large amounts of video and photo collections on agency-managed smartphones.

MXMOBILE enables users to benefit from the same face recognition analytics capabilities of MXSERVER on their smartphones, anywhere in the world, to capture and upload a photograph and identify the subject within seconds.

“MXMOBILE represents a huge technological leap forward for agents in the field, providing them with the capability to identify individuals using facial recognition in virtually real-time,” said John F. Waugaman, president of Tygart Technology. “This technology will provide identity intelligence information to law enforcement, defense, intelligence and national security organizations in a searchable, intuitive fashion, allowing them to make decisions in the field faster than ever before.”

Using MXMOBILE, agents are able to send images which are processed through MXSERVER via automated face detection and recognition technologies to match the faces in the photograph or video against watchlists.

MXSERVER responds almost instantly with a brief, rank ordered list of options that best match the face depicted in the submitted image, as well as any other relevant data including biographical data, known aliases and previous comments about the individual.

In addition to being used in the field to identify persons of interest (POI), MXMOBILE serves as a citizen policing tool, enabling citizens to upload videos and photographs of suspicious behavior.

Additionally, MXMOBILE offers a platform for gathering evidence through the collecting, indexing and searching videos and photographs for future reference.

Previously reported, Tygart Technology released MXSERVER v2.7, a cloud-based face recognition system that processes large amounts of video and photo collections to quickly transform files extracted from captured devices.

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