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Biometrics in banking, fingerprint and iris authentication in this week’s most popular news


Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week.

X-ray camera tech that can ID people

The HyperCam images unveiled a significant number of details about the veins in each hand, enabling the software to identify people with 99% accuracy.

Award for data capture device

The Grabba International devices are able to perform data capturing, verification, or transaction processing and are compatible with a range of technologies, including barcode scanners, card and passport readers, Rfid read/write, fingerprint readers, and signature capture.

Cloud based multi-biometrics service

The identification-as-a-service solution Morpho Cloud includes friction ridge biometrics, facial biometrics, iris recognition and ensures constant peak AFIS technology performance and enables new services like Cloud Disaster Recovery for existing on-premise AFIS customers.

Fingerprint authentication

Fingerprint authentication continues to be a leading biometric technology. This week, Precise Biometrics announced it has signed a deal with Cypress Semiconductor Corp to license its fingerprint recognition products, Precise BioMatch Mobile and Precise BioMatch Embedded.

Google has updated its Compatibility Definition document for Android 6.0, which details a list of requirements smartphone and tablet manufacturers will need to follow — such as requirements for implementing fingerprint sensors into a mobile device — in order to properly run its new Android 6.0 operating system, or Android Marshmallow.

ZTE officially announced the upcoming global launch of its AXON mini smartphone, which supports fingerprints for access control, as well as voice control and eye biometrics authentication.

Australia’s national science agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has developed a new method of identifying invisible fingerprints — a technique which could be used by law enforcement agencies.

Biometrics and immigration

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Intelligence and Analysis has launched the Identity Intelligence Biometrics (I2B) pilot project, in which the agency will use an automated face and fingerprint biometric identification system to identify known and suspected terrorists, as well as “Special Interest Aliens” (SIAs) found illegally crossing U.S. borders.

The Dubai International airport will proceed with its multi-phase implementation of automated iris and face recognition systems at Terminal 3, with the technology to be installed at departure gates in early 2016.

Biometrics in banking

Banking continues to be one the leading sectors of biometrics applications, and this week’ stories certainly reflected this. Scotiabank announced it is establishing Digital Factory, a downtown Toronto, Canada incubator dedicated to researching and developing digital banking solutions, such as biometrics technology.

Wells Fargo recently performed a live demonstration of EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID solution with which customers can use their eye veins to log into their corporate bank account.

Microsoft is currently developing a payments system that will likely use Windows Hello, the new facial authentication capability Microsoft integrated with Windows 10, revealed Microsoft’s operating systems group VP Joe Belfiore.

Nigeria’s federal government has unveiled its plan to link bank customers’ biometrics-enabled bank verification numbers (BVN) with their national identity card data by next year.

Industry interviews

In the first of two popular Q&A interviews this week, IDEX ASA CEO Hemant Mardia discusses the kinds of consumer deployments of fingerprint sensors, the benefits of biometric authentication in mobile transactions, and what differentiates IDEX’s fingerprint sensors and software from competing products.

Brett Beranek, Director of Nuance’s Product Strategy for Voice Biometrics, discusses Nuance’s own voice authentication solutions, and any consequential privacy issues that may arise from using voice biometrics.

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