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Using facial recognition to prevent shoplifting, workplace violence


Some retail stores in Kirkwood, Missouri are using facial recognition software supplied by Blue Line Technology to prevent shoplifting, according to a report by Fox2Now.

“If we recognize them as a suspicious character, we follow them around and we sort of hound them out of the store,” said Christopher Thau, the owner of a store called Christopher’s. “I hate to put it that way but that’s what we do.”

Since shoplifters often move from one store to the next, many store owners and managers help each other by distributing pictures of potential suspects.

Blue Line Technology provides facial recognition software to help police and businesses track potential threats of shoplifting.

The First Line Facial Recognition system alerts store managers regarding the presence of known shoplifters, providing advance warning for protection against shoplifting and fraud in checks and credit cards.

As the company explains on its website, the technology’s “value-added is in locating violators prior to theft occurring, preventing violent confrontations, lawsuits and employee injuries. ”

If the software matches a photo of a potential thief included in the database, a store manager will receive an immediate alert on their phone with a photo of the suspect.

Joseph Spiess, senior partner with Blue Line Technology and retired police major, said the facial recognition software works best as a shared network, where multiple stores can input information about shoplifters similar to the way they currently distribute photos of possible shoplifters.

The software can also help businesses to prevent workplace violence by identifying potential disgruntled former employees or ex-partners who might face restraining orders from employees.

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