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Yardstick introducing biometric enrollment and verification to its testing and eLearning environments

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BioConnect and Yardstick are partnering to transform identity management in the professional testing and assessment industry.

According to its website, Yardstick offers expertise in exam administration, psychometrics, and eLearning instructional design and development with technology to service governments, associations, licensing and certification bodies, and corporations.

BioConnect will enable Yardstick to introduce biometric enrolment and verification capabilities into its high-stakes and low-stakes testing environments and regulated online training products, using credentials such as the user’s face, eyes, heartbeat or fingerprint. BioConnect refers to these unique characteristics as our ‘Rightful Identity’.

The BioConnect and Yardstick partnership will give visibility into the identity of examinees and online learning participants and enable cross-channel and cross-platform management.

“With the announcement of our partnership with BioConnect we are seeking to tap into in a secure identity platform that will provide assurance of identity for our clients, partners and participants across all the channels that are critically important to Yardstick,” said Yardstick co-founder and CEO Chris LaBossiere.

Identity verification is critical in a high-stakes testing environment. The result of a high stakes passing grade could result in the achievement of a degree or diploma, or a license to practice a profession. Online training for competencies that can hold personal or public safety in the balance should also ensure the ‘Rightful Identity’ of the learner.

For low-stakes tests such as credential management, code of conduct, or training certifications the risk is generally much less; however, Rightful Identity would still enable consistent identity verification across platforms. Unification of identity from an enterprise perspective has tremendous value across both low and high stakes testing and training.

“On our quest for rightful identity we are specifically seeking out industry pioneers who dominate a core competency within an industry,” says Bianca Lopes, Director of Strategic Partnerships. “Yardstick is leading the assessment and online training industry in regulated insustries and we are very excited for the possibilities that we can uncover together.”

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