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Integrated Biometrics sees growing global demand for fingerprint products


In an effort to keep up with growing global demand for reliable fingerprint biometrics products, Integrated Biometrics announced that it has published French and Spanish versions of its company website.

“The demand for reliable fingerprint biometrics products continues to grow across the globe, which is driving our development of our multi-lingual website and outreach at industry events with strong international presence,” Integrated Biometrics Vice President David Gerulski said.

Gerulski explained that interest from Spanish speaking countries and African nations with French language ties continues to be so strong that the company needed to invest in website translations to support the different languages.

Latin America and Africa are just two of the many regions outside the U.S. where the company is actively selling its portfolio of commercial and FBI-certified scanners including the Kojak FAP 60 10-print roll scanner; Watson Mini FAP 45 two-finger roll scanner; Sherlock FAP 45 two-finger roll scanner; and Columbo FAP 30 single-finger scanner.

The Integrated Biometrics team is also participating at several major conferences in the upcoming months.

Martin Petriccione, Integrated Biometrics VP Biometrics Industry Advisor, will be leading the team at 101st International Association for Identification in Cincinnati, Ohio, NEC’s 30th Annual AFIS Internet User’s Conference in Atlanta, GA, as well as the Global Identity Summit in September in Tampa, Florida.

The company reported that strong interest in Integrated Biometrics’ products come from the border security and law enforcement sectors as well as voter registration, healthcare and finance.

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