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Fujitsu delivers biometric PalmSecure ID Access device to South Africa

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Fujitsu is now offering customers in South Africa and English-speaking Africa PalmSecure ID Access, an off-the-shelf biometric device that can be easily deployed by enterprises and SMEs to replace or improve existing facility access control.

PalmSecure ID Access comprises a terminal with integrated PalmSecure sensor and touchscreen to authenticate a person’s identity based on a contactless palm vein scan.

The PSN900, which is based on Fujitsu’s biometric palm vein scanning technology, can be quickly and easily integrated into existing hardware infrastructures.

The device is available in different configurations to deliver multi-factor authentication, including the incorporation of readers for either Mifare cards or HID proximity cards, or alternatively, just the PalmSecure sensor.

The PalmSecure Mouse can be used in combination with bioLock Software to control what happens within SAP when users initially log on and are in the system.

SAP users can easily make significant security improvements by implementing re-authentication at granular levels which become user-specific checkpoints.

Since these re-authentications are based on biometric identity management instead of passwords or devices, the results allow for more accurate audit trails and higher accountability.

PalmSecure bioLock — which can be applied to any SAP function chosen for controlling and monitoring — protects the entire SAP system against unauthorized activity by logging activities.

Organizations can use the solution to establish customizable security checkpoints based on management policies and business rules on a user-by-user basis.

These re-authentication checkpoints can be configured at granular levels if needed such as tables, transactions, info types, fields, field values, buttons or whenever a critical activity is performed within SAP.

Organizations can also control various actions such as exporting data, printing data, saving data, and changing and viewing data.

The solution could be used to protect sensitive data, large amounts of money, or mission-critical information.

Users can restrict access entirely to any given screen, “mask” sensitive fields of data in that screen so that those fields will not populate for a user with insufficient credentials, or disable buttons for saving and exporting.

Other PalmSecure based offerings include login/SSO, time and attendance and physical access control solutions, IDaaS, ID match, truedentity and ID mobile solutions.

PalmSecure can be used with other applications, addressing specific, market-segmented requirements such as national ID cards, patient/social security ID, and payments.

Previously reported, Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Limited recently introduced the FUJITSU Biometric Authentication PalmSecure-F Pro, a sensor that can be embedded into equipment, and the FUJITSU Biometric Authentication Palm Vein Authentication Board to its line of palm vein authentication devices.

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