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SmartMetric adds fingerprint match indicator to its biometric credit card, extends battery life


SmartMetric has added an extended battery life feature along with a user fingerprint match indicator to its line of fingerprint biometric activated credit cards and security cards.

“Following the official launch of the company’s biometric credit card at the SmartCard Alliance Payments Forum in April, 2016 and presentations to various credit card issuing banks around the world, we received feedback from the banks that led us to engineering these advancements into our biometric activated card,” said SmartMetric’s President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick. “Since our biometric credit card is destined for issuance by banks it was important for us to take on board their feedback regarding our product. We are very glad that we have been able to engineer into our card solutions to the issues raised which has made our biometric card even better.”

“We now have up to five years of battery life with an advanced recharging technology that allows the card to be recharged as the card is used,” Hendrick continued. “Also we have a feedback capability indicating when the card user swipes their finger over the credit cards sensor and a successful fingerprint match has taken place. The fingerprint match with the card user takes less than 0.25 seconds and immediately the card user will know that their fingerprint has been matched and then activated the card.”

A recent consumer survey of credit card users in the United States found that 80% of those questioned are concerned about credit card and identity fraud and that 67% of those users would be willing to pay for a biometrics secured credit card that has a built-in fingerprint reader for protection.

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