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LogMeOnce launches password-less 2FA and wallet solutions

Identity management provider LogMeOnce recently launched a password-less version of its flagship multi-factor authentication tool on, as well as a secure digital wallet. LogMeOnce 5.2 gives users the option of avoiding passwords entirely, and instead using a photo, fingerprint, or PIN with a trusted device in a two-factor authentication (2FA) process, according to a Wednesday announcement.

The lynchpin of the LogMeOnce 2FA system is self-verification of a biometric from a trusted device, through a push notification in the case of fingerprint and PIN use. Users can also verify a photo, as the company has extended its patented PhotoLogin technology to create Photo2FA. Because Photo2FA relies on human authentication, it is not actually a facial recognition product, and as such does not require any blinking, winking, or head tilting, and in fact can authenticate using a picture of a nearby object or surroundings. LogMeOnce users can also authenticate using a fingerprint as the first factor, and Photo2FA as the second to go fully biometric.

LogMeOnce features include 60-second “self destruct” for photos sent to the trusted device, a visual one-time password option, and the ability to take a “mugshot” of anyone trying to inappropriately access a mobile device.

Secure Wallet encrypts and stores data from identification items like credit cards, gift cards, and driver’s licenses on a desktop or mobile device, allowing the originals to be left in a secure place. It also auto-fills credit card information on checkout forms to make online shopping easier.

“Identity authentication and passwords are not one in the same,” says Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogMeOnce. “Identity in the real world relies on physical identification, like a birth certificate or Social Security Number, to prove that you are who you say you are. Online, the key to identity is human authentication. A simple password used to suffice, but now passwords have proven to be weak and used repeatedly across several accounts. Password-less logins, like with Photo2FAand Visual OTP, are the future of two-factor authentication as you can add multiple security barriers in which users can rely on themselves instead of a robot or server to give them access to their personal accounts.”

Competition for the multi-factor biometric authentication market is increasing, with BluStor and Arrow Electronics announcing a collaboration in August.

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